Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Zachary's first day

I awoke with an anxious knot in my stomach. Actually that sounds like I had a natural, gentle awakening from sleep. Ahem. I was dragged from sleep by the sound of Leo doing a massive poo and found I had an anxious knot in my stomach for the day ahead. Zachary's first proper session at nursery. After he got upset last Thursday I was convinced that he was going to refuse to even go in the gates of the nursery and was steeling myself for this eventuality.

As is also the way when I'm slightly nervous about something, I had spent a large proportion of yesterday evening going through my itinerary for the morning. Leigh went to London for work today and was due to be leaving the house as or before Zachary got up, so I was carefully planning my timings knowing that I'd have none of the usual couple of minutes grace I get when Leigh holds a baby for me or helps with coats and shoes. I watched Zachary carefully through breakfast but there were no outward signs of him suspecting anything unusual - Zachary pouring his apple juice into his milk and cereal, finishing it and declaring it 'nice' doesn't count!

My nerves were not helped by Leo pooing 3 times before Zachary got up, and then deciding he was hungry as I was finishing dressing the boys, and not being able to be settled before we went out. I should learn that you can't plan times with a baby (this is something I have to tell myself again and again) as I found myself feeding Leo at the time I had hoped to be leaving the house! But, deep breath, it's not like it's school or anything and I was already taking him later than the session actually started, so once Leo was fed, off we went.

Got in the nursery fine, got in the room, then Zachary started to cry as I said goodbye. But I was strong and left, and managed not to anxiously phone the nursery after 10 minutes to see how he was! I rang in at 12 and apparently he settled within about half an hour of me going and had been absolutely fine since. Relief. And he was happy to see me when I went to collect. Brilliant.

And this afternoon we watched TV, painted some Alphablocks which ended in purple and green streaks in hair, played with pegs (Zachary is now expert at operating them), and bounced on the bed.

Leo seems to have got through whatever was going on with his tummy and when I came downstairs after bedtime, he was asleep in bed and Zachary just happily chatting away in his room. Holby and CSI. Great.

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