Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh the children!

Caught a bit of an episode of something called Nanny 911 when I was up at an ungodly hour with Leo the other day. This pretty much follows the Supernanny theme except there are 3 nannies (plus head nanny Lilian) who decide which of them will be best placed to help the family. The things that made me laugh out loud - the group of nannies are described as having been gathered from 'all over the world' - well, the British Isles anyway, 'Nanny Central' is an Englishified cottage complete with thatched roof and roses round the door, and head nanny Lilian is described as having been 'nanny to the Royals,' and actually used the phrase "this poppycock has got to be stopped!" Hurrah for poppycock.

I also had a fun time with Zachary today - we were drawing faces on the easel, well I was drawing them under his close supervision! 'What colour shall we draw the face?' "black." 'What colour shall we do the hair?' "black." 'What colour shall I draw the eyes?' "black." 'What colour shall I do the mouth?' "orange!" Nice. Also, in the shopping centre this afternoon, Zachary tripped over his own feet but then kept crawling, declaring that he was a caterpillar. It really made me laugh.

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