Monday, September 26, 2005

Monkeying around

Went to Go Ape yesterday with work - the Thetford forest centre. It was absolutely great - day started out miserably, but soon the drizzle stopped and the sun came out...and everyone was far to hot in their waterproofs!! But would definitely recommend this if you fancy walking through the trees, and you're basically responsible for yourself and your equipment - although watch the stirrups. Very physical, very exhausting and very achy today, but it was worth it - especially the zip wires - wahey!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Oh no...

My Primark bargain shoes are on their way out... one of the soles is peeling off! I shouldn't be surprised - only cost £10 and I've worn them loads over the summer. I feel a bit of spending coming on!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


Being a bit naughty and blogging from work to make sure I actually get something down this week! Am completely and randomly busy all evenings this week (except Friday) and am trying to catch up on some "home" things at work...

Usually this wouldn't be a problem except it's the handover for the advance tickets for the G&S show this weekend and I need to make sure everything is completely up to date and that I've emailed all my ticket requests. The theatre start handling bookings from next week, so if I'm not up to date there's a big danger of double booking!!!!!

Have everything sorted for now, just one or two or twenty people to phone tonight between dance lesson and orchestra! I fully accept this is all my fault for wanting to be involved in things (and liking to watch Arrested Development which arrived on DVD rental this week...) and normally it would not be too bad, but there was a committee meeting last night which stole my usually free Wednesday.

Ho hum, still with the ticket bookings going next week, that should give me lots of extra time - hurrah!

Away at my aunt's on Saturday, and then catch up Sunday!

Monday, September 12, 2005


They are a wonderful thing. Firstly apologies for not blogginh for a horrendously long amount of time - my new starter motor is all up and running smoothly...althouhg annoyingly I did also then have to replace my windscreen again. Second time since April!!! Fortunately I was in a new insurance year so only had to pay the excess again - well if I will hurtle down those roads with loose chippings...

But better than all that have just been on holiday to Bath which was wonderful. We camped for the first time and the tent was a star - went up easily, came down easily (but not too easily...) and kept us dry and warm. Brilliant. when I was thinking about the holiday before we went, I was getting a bit too stuck on the sort of camping I did at school and with the Guides - minimal toilet and shower facilities, cold nights and hard ground... but this was luxury! We had an airbed, duvet and proper pillows! The campsites were brilliant and the showers hot (and even at Newton Mill the toilets had underfloor heating which was a big selling point...)

Bath itself was absolutely great and the Abbey was beautiful. We even went on a comedy tour of the city one evening - called Bizarre Bath. Certainly no historical facts or figures but a really funny evening and very well put together stunts. If you go, go (you'll recognise it by the purple leaflet and the bloke in the top photo was the one who did our tour).

After a few days sunning ourselves in Bath we moved on to a site at Cannock Chase near Stafford ('fraid you'll have to find your way from the main site). This was really good too, although the weather started to let us down - eventually resulting in a strike in a torrential downpour - tent is now in back garden attempting to dry in a damp Ipswich... That was what we really didn't want, but having done it once, may not be so bad next time (although clearly we're going to arrange the weather next holiday for no rain!).

After this, our journey took us to Nottingham for an event not to be mentioned (the first 30th birthday in our group!!!) and now back home, having sorted all post and emails and show tickets, I'm ready for dinner and the second installment of our marathon video recording session while we were away (I'm not missing CSI for anyone!)

Sadly back to work tomorrow, but the photos will help!