Thursday, September 15, 2005


Being a bit naughty and blogging from work to make sure I actually get something down this week! Am completely and randomly busy all evenings this week (except Friday) and am trying to catch up on some "home" things at work...

Usually this wouldn't be a problem except it's the handover for the advance tickets for the G&S show this weekend and I need to make sure everything is completely up to date and that I've emailed all my ticket requests. The theatre start handling bookings from next week, so if I'm not up to date there's a big danger of double booking!!!!!

Have everything sorted for now, just one or two or twenty people to phone tonight between dance lesson and orchestra! I fully accept this is all my fault for wanting to be involved in things (and liking to watch Arrested Development which arrived on DVD rental this week...) and normally it would not be too bad, but there was a committee meeting last night which stole my usually free Wednesday.

Ho hum, still with the ticket bookings going next week, that should give me lots of extra time - hurrah!

Away at my aunt's on Saturday, and then catch up Sunday!

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