Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blogs of note

Having a look at this section on the Blogger dashboard and came across this site - made me smile.

A Chorus Line

Rehearsal for the shows went well last night. Still concentrating on Pinafore at the momentbut we basically managed to set nearly all the chorus numbers in Act II. Actually, what seems to happen is that we come on at staggered intervals during "Carefully on tiptoe creeping" (sadly the men's entrance seems less creeping and more mincing...) and then stay on for the rest of that Act - brilliant! I was amazed how much we managed to get through given the disaster that was last week. And Mavis even managed to re-set parts of the Act I finale (much less standing around now - everyone's involved) - not quite finished that yet but hopefully will next week when we start Trial as well - hurrah!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Feeling really tired today - I guess that saturday night's bed at 1am, up at 6.45am to drive back to Ipswich (although L did the driving thank goodness) didn't really help! And when I'm tired I get fed up with making an effort - re the diet. sat at work today and just thought "oh f**k it, I'm having a Kit Kat."

But I didn't so hopefully there will be nice choccy biccies at the rehearsal tonight - and hopefully a bit more to do. We rehearsed the Act I finale of Pinafore last week - all very well, but the main point of interest about half way through is a block of chorus interweaving with each other to bring Josephine and Ralph to the front. Could be impressive if anyone actually understood what was happening and as there are more men than women, there are a few of us women (me included) who have been sidelined while this takes place. we've started making up our own dances and are considering bringing in some magazines to fill the time... Hopefully a bit of Trial tonight - we have to find our own costumes for that and I found a great mini skirt at the weekend - okay the diet will be worthwhile if I can wear that and not make the rest of the chorus feel physically ill!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday again

and it's been a week since I last blogged properly. where has the time gone? Been pretty busy actually - we've been on a new diet (which seems to be going okay - best part being that I can eat as much fruit as I like!!) and our new secretary has started at work. She seems to be getting on okay and best of all is coming back next week - brilliant! We haven't managed to scare her off yet!

Also had a worship cttee meeting, spent all of Wednesday evening finishing off the bathroom (which now looks great), had first orchestra rehearsal of the term (the Tchaikovsky is really hard!) and then went to nottingham for a Chinese. which was great but tiring and then harvest festival and Suffolk Strings today. Phew - now off to watch Spooks. We've only actually watched series 1-3 but I've caught up on all th goss from series 4 from Wikipedia...and I know who dies!

I like the song okay!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Travelling between offices today I caught a bit of the Jeremy Vine show and the topic was the problems musicians are now having flying with their instruments because of the new security regulations. As an intro, they played a clip of a musician/comedian called Mitch Benn singing a song about their woes - very funny! I have been trying to find it through the Mitch Benn website and the BBC website but had no luck. I tried putting "mitch benn song about musical instruments on planes" into Google and the first in the list was a link to another blog with the clip! Hurrah.

I've decided

As I'm going to be away for both rehearsals, I'm going to enjoy the Planets from the safety of the audience.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Home Again

What a terrific week in the lakes we've just had! Weather was a bit haphazard the first few days but all the afternoons were gorgeous and Thursday and Friday were lovely all day. You can read more about our explouts here, but suffice to say we were both desperately in need of getting away from the house and work things and it was a truly relaxing weekend - physically tired but mentally refreshed!

So now it's back to reality - I have a meeting on Tuesday evening I'd forgotten about (! thought it was later in the month...) so have been hurriedly sending out agendas and minutes by email (thank goodness for email!), and then of course it's back to work tomorrow. I was feeling quite anxious about it - I always do after a holiday - but especially this time as I know I left things behind which I probably should have dealt with, butlack of space and a secretary is starting to take its toll (ooo, listen to me!). I've even been having dreams about it! But I went to church this morning (Racial Justice Sunday in the Methodist calendar) to find some calm and there was a short reading which mentioned being anxious. And I thought about how I really don't have much to be anxious about - I'm not persecuted for my faith, I don't suffer prejudice because of my race or colour, my country is not in the middle of a civil war or suffering from a corrupt government, I have a home, enough food and drink, a loving husband and wonderful family (and I could go on). So I'm going to get it all in perspective and just take tomorrow as it comes.