Monday, September 18, 2006


Feeling really tired today - I guess that saturday night's bed at 1am, up at 6.45am to drive back to Ipswich (although L did the driving thank goodness) didn't really help! And when I'm tired I get fed up with making an effort - re the diet. sat at work today and just thought "oh f**k it, I'm having a Kit Kat."

But I didn't so hopefully there will be nice choccy biccies at the rehearsal tonight - and hopefully a bit more to do. We rehearsed the Act I finale of Pinafore last week - all very well, but the main point of interest about half way through is a block of chorus interweaving with each other to bring Josephine and Ralph to the front. Could be impressive if anyone actually understood what was happening and as there are more men than women, there are a few of us women (me included) who have been sidelined while this takes place. we've started making up our own dances and are considering bringing in some magazines to fill the time... Hopefully a bit of Trial tonight - we have to find our own costumes for that and I found a great mini skirt at the weekend - okay the diet will be worthwhile if I can wear that and not make the rest of the chorus feel physically ill!!

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