Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Travelling between offices today I caught a bit of the Jeremy Vine show and the topic was the problems musicians are now having flying with their instruments because of the new security regulations. As an intro, they played a clip of a musician/comedian called Mitch Benn singing a song about their woes - very funny! I have been trying to find it through the Mitch Benn website and the BBC website but had no luck. I tried putting "mitch benn song about musical instruments on planes" into Google and the first in the list was a link to another blog with the clip! Hurrah.

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Niles said...

The song was first broadcast on the Now Show over the summer.

The Now Show are taking part in the BBC Podcast Trial, so if you subscribe to their link in, eg, iTunes, and make sure you run iTunes every week, you would have downloaded a copy automatically.

The link you need for Now Show is this one.

Copy the link, open iTunes, go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, paste in the link, and hopefully next time a series starts you can automatically download all of all the episodes, including great songs by Mitch Benn.

Phew! Why am I telling you this?!