Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bogging annoying

The washing machine saga continues....

Man came yesterday with the new parts ready to fit them. This was a different chap to the one we've had the previous 3 times - he looked at what the other chap had left for him and then ranted about this for a good ten minutes or so including having a go at the other chap over the phone for leaving a bit of a bodge!

We felt in safer hands by then. Took him 2 hours, but at the end I was assured that the new bits were all in, the electronic module had been upgraded and despite the fact that you usually have to leave the adhesive for 24 hours to dry, he had used extra strong stuff and I could do a load by tea-time!!! Hurrah!

But it was not to be. Load went on at about 7 - kitchen and bathroom flooded by half past. Poo. Although that was not our exact choice of language.

Ringing them again today to get someone to come and fix. No idea where the water is coming from although it would appear to be from in the machine because a load of scale came out with it! Really quite fed up now.

But on the plus side - off into town this morning for retail therapy. Found an expenses cheque for £80 from October in one of my handbags yesterday - wahey!


I've had a great Christmas - busy but great. Started off at L's parents in Derby for a family "do" last Saturday at which Leigh's brother's new girlfriend was thrown to the wolves...well the Hutchins women! They had a rowdy afternoon of working themselves up into a frenzy about what she would be like, and then followed her around for a good half hour when she arrived! But bless her, she seemed to take it all in good heart. A quiet Christmas eve and then Christmas day with L's parents, his nan and brother. I got a very lovely Radley handbag from my husband (amongst other things) - unexpected and delicious!! Then sent the rest of Christmas day (apart from Dr Who) Wii-ing in the front room. L's parents have completely taken to the Wii, especially the sports games, although L's dad wasn't too happy that he couldn't crack the golf game, having been Captain at his golf club a few years ago!

Exchanged pressies with our uni friends on Boxing day and then went to Yarmo the next day to see mum and Chris. Some other friends I haven't seen for nearly a year popped in as well and it was good to see them. Back home to Ipswich and then off to Cambridgeshire to see the rest of Mum's side of the family - again so glad we made the effort to go up there.

So, busy but great. and now we have 2 full days to recover before going back to Nottingham for new year. Murder mystery dinner again - my character is Mandy Seever the femme fatale. Hmmmm.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

He came, he saw and STILL didn't fix....

Had this afternoon off work to wait in for the washing machine man (again). After much grunting, exclaiming and complaining to his mate on the phone, he managed wrench the inner drum from the machine. I then hear "I don't believe this!" This removes what little hope I had left that it would get fixed today - it appears that the new inner drum he has been given has been manufactured differently to the old drum removed. The door seal now does not fit and there is a blanking plate missing. He's got to go and order these and come back again!!! He'll be here again on the 29th and I spent another hour or so at the launderette - but at least I'm up to date before we go away.

Not sure whether this will ever end...perhaps should suggest they just give us a new machine...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas has arrived1

It's definitely here - have now been to 2 pantos, eaten 3 or 4 mince pies and been to a carol service. Hurrah. Had to laugh at the carol service - someone clearly hadn't proof read the carol words (and sadly some mistakes had carried forward from last year!) - the best line being "from our ears and sins release us..." (fears...)

And the weather's finally turned nippy which seems to be an excuse for jack-knifed lorries on the road - my usual half hour journey to work this morning took a record hour and a half.

But on the bright side I found a plum in my handbag at the weekend - no doubt left over from some work lunch I'd taken in, but have no idea how long it's been there. It's certainly been weeks since we had plums in the house! Tasted all right though.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

He's behind you!

Went to the Playhouse panto in Nottingham last night - absolutely brilliant! It's not the big "star" panto in the city but we all agree it's much better! The show was Cinderella - the 2 dames were fantastic, the songs were ace (especially my favourite from Hercules) and it was really funny. My hearing was only slightly impaired by the frenzied shrieking Brownies on the row behind...but who thought orange and peach would be good colours for the final wedding scene???

'Nother panto next weekend - Dick Whittington in Ipswich. It's a Rock and Roll panto and has been great for the last couple of years (oh yes it has) - roll on next weekend!! I love Christmas.

Friday, December 08, 2006

He came, he saw, he didn't fix

Washing machine man turned up during Murder She Wrote this afternoon (star-studded episode - Cynthia Nixon and David Soul). Heard him banging away in the kitchen for a good 20 minutes and then he came through to tell me the good news and the bad news. Good news - he was all done and would be "out of my hair," bad news - the washing machine still is not fixed. Humph! It appears although the electronic diagnosis thing is pretty good, it only told half the story - when the back of the machine came off and something called a spider (?) needed to be removed, it was discovered welded to the back of the inner drum with rust. So new part on order again - waiting for the depot to ring to say it's in. Could easily be another week.

Back to the launderette this afternoon - spent my time having fun reading CRAG...

Got home just after 5 - Wii still not arrived. L's been up since 6 - last time Parcel Force had a package for us they came at half 6 in the morning! Not this time though... we have a controller, but no console...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is it wrong to miss church coffee mornings?

By that I don't mean is it wrong to not go to them! Had a day off today and went to Yarmo to see Mum. Marvelled at all the work she's been doing in Chris' garden (which now looks less barren bramble-filled wasteland and more cleared scrubland) and admired the new sink and toilet upstairs (very handy). We then went off to Newtown for a coffee morning to raise funds for a child they sponsor through World Vision. Visits to Newtown always make me very nostalgic - it was a huge part of my life until I went to uni - and this morning was reminded of the cameraderie on coffee mornings. Everyone pitches in - setting out furniture, pouring tea or generally just standing around catching up on all the gossip! I found myself engaged in washing up, wiping down tables and sweeping the floor by the end of the morning! Also found one of my aunties and Jane's mum there for a chat. And only 2 people thought I was my sister - it's getting better.

The church looks great at the moment though - they've got some new banners up and are also having a Christmas tree festival, so the church is full of decorations at the moment! Becks' school concert is at the church on Friday so they're also preparing for the onslaught of 200 children!!! It will be cosy in there!

On way home, realised that my mobile phone clock and car clock are 5 minutes different. Rang the speaking clock - phone is 3 minutes slow, car is 2 minutes fast...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Is it possible to overdose on Strepsils?

If it I think I may have! Feeling grotty today - head full of cotton wool and my throat is v sore . Sneezing has also started - I think I've started the slippery slope...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

So it wasn't too bad

The launderette I mean! Been and sorted out three loads of washing - and most of it's now dry, although you don't seem to get long for your 20p. Hadn't quite appreciate how much you can get into one of their machines - if I have to go again I'm taking everything!

It was pretty full when I got there - although mostly it seemed to be one woman who seemed to be using 3 washers and 3 dryers at any one given time... But at least there isn't smelly clothing lying around at home now. Managed quite well too - fortunately there were clear signs on the machine to say what the cycles are and how to operate it, otherwise could have been a nasty embarassment - sadly like when I was leaving thinking I'd done pretty well, and the attendant (male) handed me a pair of my knickers which had fallen to the floor. Oops - and they weren't the best either!

The attendant also tried to engage me in conversation earlier when he was telling me about the alcoholics who lived upstairs and had thrown their TV down the stairs! With the cables still attached and everything - fortunately cycle only had about 3 minutes left.

Started "The Ode Less Travelled" while I was there - I am now instructed to practise my iambic pentameter :

I sit and watch the clothing spin around

I wonder if I've coins enough to dry

Enough of all the knickers on the floor!