Saturday, December 30, 2006


I've had a great Christmas - busy but great. Started off at L's parents in Derby for a family "do" last Saturday at which Leigh's brother's new girlfriend was thrown to the wolves...well the Hutchins women! They had a rowdy afternoon of working themselves up into a frenzy about what she would be like, and then followed her around for a good half hour when she arrived! But bless her, she seemed to take it all in good heart. A quiet Christmas eve and then Christmas day with L's parents, his nan and brother. I got a very lovely Radley handbag from my husband (amongst other things) - unexpected and delicious!! Then sent the rest of Christmas day (apart from Dr Who) Wii-ing in the front room. L's parents have completely taken to the Wii, especially the sports games, although L's dad wasn't too happy that he couldn't crack the golf game, having been Captain at his golf club a few years ago!

Exchanged pressies with our uni friends on Boxing day and then went to Yarmo the next day to see mum and Chris. Some other friends I haven't seen for nearly a year popped in as well and it was good to see them. Back home to Ipswich and then off to Cambridgeshire to see the rest of Mum's side of the family - again so glad we made the effort to go up there.

So, busy but great. and now we have 2 full days to recover before going back to Nottingham for new year. Murder mystery dinner again - my character is Mandy Seever the femme fatale. Hmmmm.

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