Saturday, December 02, 2006

So it wasn't too bad

The launderette I mean! Been and sorted out three loads of washing - and most of it's now dry, although you don't seem to get long for your 20p. Hadn't quite appreciate how much you can get into one of their machines - if I have to go again I'm taking everything!

It was pretty full when I got there - although mostly it seemed to be one woman who seemed to be using 3 washers and 3 dryers at any one given time... But at least there isn't smelly clothing lying around at home now. Managed quite well too - fortunately there were clear signs on the machine to say what the cycles are and how to operate it, otherwise could have been a nasty embarassment - sadly like when I was leaving thinking I'd done pretty well, and the attendant (male) handed me a pair of my knickers which had fallen to the floor. Oops - and they weren't the best either!

The attendant also tried to engage me in conversation earlier when he was telling me about the alcoholics who lived upstairs and had thrown their TV down the stairs! With the cables still attached and everything - fortunately cycle only had about 3 minutes left.

Started "The Ode Less Travelled" while I was there - I am now instructed to practise my iambic pentameter :

I sit and watch the clothing spin around

I wonder if I've coins enough to dry

Enough of all the knickers on the floor!

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Leigh said...

Did you deliberately not tell me about the knickers so I'd have to read it here! ;-)

Nice Iambics!