Saturday, December 30, 2006

Bogging annoying

The washing machine saga continues....

Man came yesterday with the new parts ready to fit them. This was a different chap to the one we've had the previous 3 times - he looked at what the other chap had left for him and then ranted about this for a good ten minutes or so including having a go at the other chap over the phone for leaving a bit of a bodge!

We felt in safer hands by then. Took him 2 hours, but at the end I was assured that the new bits were all in, the electronic module had been upgraded and despite the fact that you usually have to leave the adhesive for 24 hours to dry, he had used extra strong stuff and I could do a load by tea-time!!! Hurrah!

But it was not to be. Load went on at about 7 - kitchen and bathroom flooded by half past. Poo. Although that was not our exact choice of language.

Ringing them again today to get someone to come and fix. No idea where the water is coming from although it would appear to be from in the machine because a load of scale came out with it! Really quite fed up now.

But on the plus side - off into town this morning for retail therapy. Found an expenses cheque for £80 from October in one of my handbags yesterday - wahey!

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