Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strange injuries

I have almost got used to the boys managing to injure each other. To start with, it was nearly always Zachary being slightly overzealous with Leo, although Recently Leo has begun to get his own back. I left the room the other day to go to the kitchen and whilst my back was turned, heard Zachary start to cry.

When I asked him what hurt, he said Leo had hurt his tongue. I then started my usual talk about Zachary not putting his head/hands/other body part in Leo's way as Leo tends to grab and squeeze. Zachary told me Leo hadn't grabbed his tongue. Oh. When I asked how it had been hurt, it turned out Leo had bitten Zachary's tongue. Least said and all that!

The inevitable has occurred

Leo has the pox. Almost 2 weeks to the day that Zachary started to get spots, Leo has come out in them too and is really feeling it today. Fortunately Leigh's taken the day off work so I can tend to the sick one, and he's taken Zachary out to the shops this afternoon. Oh well, another 2 weeks of quarantine, but then we should be ready for our hols!!!

Leo's asleep at the moment (he did not sleep at all...well last night!) so I'm taking the opportunity to start scanning in some old family photos. My Mum is 65 next year and my sister told me of a great family photo book/tree(?) thing that her sister-in-law put together for one of her relatives. I need to get hold of some much older photos and am hoping that my aunt can help out as apparently she put together our family tree a while back and that might be helpful. I'm going to wait though til I've seen an example of what we're putting together so that I have some idea of what exactly I need to ask for, rather than 'your entire collection of photos please!'

But on scanning in the photos I have of me and my sister as children I noticed a worrying penchant for dressing up. I now know where my enthusiasm for G&S productions, and our new year's eve murder mystery dinners (at which we are required to dress the part of our suspect) has come from...

I'm little red riding hood and my sister is the doctor in the middle

For the Royal Wedding in 1981

I think this was for an international evening at Brownies

My sister as Miss A-Tissue at a school fancy dress parade

Helpful and friendly nurses

I'm in the middle as Mrs Knitwit, and I'm pretty sure that's my sister under the big floppy hat to my left as you look at the photo - another school event.

I'm sure there was a photo of me dressed up as a 'leap year frog' somewhere as well...but perhaps that's best left to the imagination only!

I think however the main comment I must make is 'go dressmaker!' I know that my nan had a lot of involvement in some of the costumes (my sister's Miss A-Tissue is one of them) but I suspect that my mum was pretty handy too.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mr Asda and Mr Tesco

Noticing a few spots on Zachary's face and body last Tuesday, I took him to the doctor and ... it's chicken pox! We were told that he would be infectious for a week after the last spot appeared, and that the incubation period is 14-18 days for watching out for spots on Leo. So that last 2 weeks has seen me and the boys quarantined in the house trying desperately to not go completely potty. Fortunately the weather has been reasonable so we've been able to get out in the garden every day, and this morning we went to the park - although 'officially' Zachary won't be non-infectious til probably Saturday, he's back to his normal self and we thought the park would be reasonably safe. As it turned out, there were no other children there so it was fine and all 3 of us enjoyed the trip out.

No sign of spots on Leo yet...

But the chicken pox has meant that I have not been able to go out to do my usual weekly shop, so we have relied on Mr Tesco and Mr Asda to bring our shopping to the house. It's been ages since I did any online shopping (we flirted with it for a short while in Ipswich, but didn't stick to it) and I have realised that I am rubbish at it! There really is nothing that compares with walking up and down the supermarket aisles, looking at the products and using them as an aide memoir for things I've forgotten to put on the list. Also, I don't always look at the product description with the care and attention I should.

This morning, Mr Asda brought us 8 cans of chopped tomatoes (I'm sure I only ordered 4...), and three bags of granny smith apples (I only wanted 3 apples) and I totally forgot to order Shreddies. We get through about a box of Shreddies (or supermarket own brand equivalent) a week and because I didn't have it on the list, we now don't have any. Oh well, on to cornflakes and weetabix for a few days! Also, I ordered some Hovis digestive biscuits (because Zachary likes 'toast' biscuits). Presumably Asda didn't have any in because they substituted ginger nuts for them. What? Ginger nuts? Why not just regular digestives? So they got returned. Hmmmm, hopefully a regular shop next week!