Monday, July 23, 2007

Pachelbel Rant

My sister pointed me towards this - maybe you'll have had to play the damn thing to understand but it's still pretty funny...

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Oh heck has it really been that long since I last blogged??? Well a lot has happened since then, most of which you can catch up on on L's blog ('him indoors).

The reason I'm blogging now is to record a strange coincidence which occurred on Thursday. One of my clients has died and her daughter came in to start off the probate process. Her mother is being buried in a plot in Nottingham, but because the burial deed was in the deceased's name, there is no one to authorise the re-opening of the plot (her late husband's already there)
so the whole thing is being transferred to the daughter's name (I've not come across this before - strange Nottingham thing?). This has created various documents on which I need to witness the daughter's signature. She provided me with the business card of the funeral director (because I had to ring them for a bit of help with the form...) and lo and behold, the funeral directors are none other than the office below the flat where L and Richard lived for a year when I was doing the LPC!!! How odd!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's real cake!



By the way, I appear to be 50% gay - which according to the test means I'm a happy well-adjusted hetero babe. I'm a babe! But one of my gay friends is only 43% gay. I'm not sure I trust the results.

That'll learn 'em!

I need to do some article writing for work - we make use of a "Lawspot" in one of the local papers, and have been trying to think of some kind of hook to link my efforts together. Needless to say, 300 words isn't an awful lot of space to establish a hook and get across the actual law point! I haven't actually written any yet although Lasting Powers of Attorney is looking a pretty good bet.

Anyway, L and I have been talking about this - some kind of witty catchphrase to make will writing seem more exciting and appealing. After the success (dubious or otherwise!) of the recent "Ditch the Bitch" and "All Men are Bastards" posters a few years ago (extolling the benefits of some divorce lawyers) we came up with "That'll learn 'em" or variations on a theme :

- Husband told you your bum looked big in that skirt? Cut him out of your Will - that'll learn 'im!
- Grandchildren never visit you? Cut them out of your Will - that'll learn 'em!

ad infinitum....

Blog apathy

This isn't good - I was all keen about updating my blog last weekend, then have had a really busy week and can't get motivated somehow...but I shall stop moaning.

So, last weekend - pretty great really. Went up to Nottingham to help celebrate a birthday - drank far too much wine and champagne, ate at a great restaurant in Southwell called Funny Peculiar. Went to see Magicians on Sunday afternoon - very very funny. The finale was filmed at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham and some of our friends went along. You can see them in the film! There's a great shot of R giving a very disapproving look to his neighbour. Definitely buy that when it comes out. Sunday evening we went to see Richard Herring live at a club in Nottingham - generally very funny even if some parts of the set I really didn't get on with.

Back to Ipswich Monday and trying to sort out by email getting a laptop and projector organised for my presentation Tuesday morning - never have the day off before a presentation when you haven't made sure that absolutely everything's sorted! But anyway the talk went well and I managed to coordinate powerpoint, the laptop and the projector - hurrah. Even gt a couple of choccy biscuits out of it!!

Been out every night this week so far - but it's bank holiday on Monday which can't be bad.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Play it again

Okay, okay this is the last one today!

I went to a BBC Play it again event in Cambridge today - it's the series of "roadshow" events taking place up and down the country to accompany the BBC1 series. It's an attempt to encourage people to become more involved with music - start up an instrument if they've always wanted to, dust off the instrument they learnt as a child and just get back into playing again. The events welcome all ages and abilities and if you can't play, you can sing or play percussion.

There were tons of people at the Cambridge event this morning. Started off by listening to the BBC Concert Orchestra playing the overture from West Side Story and they we got a chance to join in. The director of the day had adapted the theme of "Tonight" for orchestra and written some new words for the singers. Basically there were four different lines which could be played - all of which fitted together and moved from basic to quite tricky. The orchestra, singers, percussion, saxophones (because there were 24!) and guitars all practised as different sections, then came together for a final performance at the end of the morning. It really was great! I'm enthusiastic about music anyway but it was great to play with the BBC Orchestra. All the members of the public were seated next to a professional so we got help and encouragement from them and the chap leading it (Tim Steiner) was ace - really made everyone feel totally involved.

Had a surprisingly large range of instruments too - the guitar section was most varied, there was a mandolin, banjo, accordian and melodian as well as the guitars.

I really enjoy this kind of thing, but do tend to get a little carried away and start thinking about taking lessons again or doing other musical things like learning a new instrument, but realistically, it would be very expensive and I probably wouldn't be able to put in the time needed for practise. Maybe later in life?? Anyway, fully enthused for the concert at the end of June I've just downloaded to whole programme to my iPod so that I can at least get more familiar with how the pieces sound! And apparently the Pines of Rome are on Fantasia 2 - I think that might be coming out from the cupboard again....

Flying the Flag

Not the clearest of pictures, I must apologise, but a representation of our views of the songs last night at Eurovision!!! Note the UK flag at the top - we all thought Scooch were brilliant - but it was not to be...

The party was great though - went up to Nottingham to see our friends there for the do. The host had kindly split Europe into 4 geographical regions for the various couples to support, but a rather too enthusiastic elimination of western European entrants in the cunning semi-final meant that the host's region only ended up with 3 songs! We had 7 which wasn't too bad, and our themed contribution was from Germany - Holten Pils, Reisling and home-made black forest gateau. A triumph in the taste department - but don't talk to me about grated chocolate and how you can get it on to the side of a cake ... Greece was one of ours, which we thought was a good song - other favourites were the Ukraine and Sweden - although emphatically not Serbia (bah).

Chris had also kindly prepared rather dubious fact sheets for each country - some facts true, some facts blatant puns and others just ...well... rather strange. Take Turkey for example :

3. The Turkish National Football Stadium is lit by 4 floodlights; Light A, Light B, Light C and the famous Turkish D Light.

4. Turkey is often criticised for their oppression of the Kurds. They also oppress jam, marmalade, chutney and preserves of all kinds.


There were also special awards for Scariest Lead Singer (think that went to Finland in the end), Most Sexually Offensive Dance Move (the Ukraine for that one groin thrust at the end of the song) and Least Clothes on by end of set (Sweden for the removal of the jacket - but disappointingly for all party goers, a lot less stripping on stage than in previous years!).

All was going well until the voting - but we're all off to Malta on hols next year!!!

House of Fun

Listening to Radio 2 on the way to Nottingham yesterday - a caller's claim to fame was that he'd been in the video for Madness' "House of Fun" which was apparently filmed at the Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth!! I have carefully scanned the video - I think I recognise that roller coaster!!!

STEPping on

Friday - STEP conference in London, update on Trust and Estate matters. Pretty good really, although a massive bundle of notes to have a read through. First section was on the FA 2006 changes and the recent case of Phizackerley. Fortunately one of the speakers was Chris Whitehouse - witty, sharp and acerbic about the Revenue. Very entertaining and has the uncanny ability to imbue all his advice with a very relaxed air as though there really is nothing to worry about at all. Also reassured us all that Phizackerley wasn't really the catastrophic herald of the end of tax planning in Wills certain newspapers would have had us believe.

Second section on contentious estate issues was a but dull - although enlivened by a tale of the almost perfect crime committed by a solicitor - sadly the devil was in the detail and trying to buy a car from the estate for around £25 less than the market price was apparently the undoing!

Lovely lunch - although as usual really pity the poor souls who have the first afternoon session. And it wasn't the most interesting of topics either - the Mental Capacity Act. The main problem being not being that the subject itself isn't interesting, but that the bits of the Act we're most interested in haven't yet come into force, so there are no interesting cases or anecdotes to keep us awake and instruct us in how to work with the new rules. Just lots of going through the act's provision and the Codes of Guidance.

Final session was on unusual Grants of Probate - not anticipating this to be particularly stimulating but it really benefitted from a lively speaker with lots of tales of how she and her department have come across them.

Even managed to get a seat on the train on the way home. Hurrah.


A big thanks to L for making my snack all the more enticing. (It's Nutella)(really)


Dropped my rosin at orchestra on Thursday - saw it slip gently from my hand and slowly drop to the floor as if in slow motion where it promptly smashed to smithereens. Well...good excuse to buy a new shiny block!

Friday, May 04, 2007


Somehow managed to smack myself in the chin with a lever arch file as I was getting in the car to come home tonight. Bonus.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Work's been pretty busy as usual - and if actually getting on with the client stuff isn't enough, we are all being encouraged to get out there and business development our little socks off (so much so that where there was previously one non-chargeable time recording code for "Business Development," now there are 7!!!! - or 8, can't remember).

So, last week my Thursday afternoon to evening consisted of a tax seminar at the neighbouring accountants, followed by a reception marking the opening of new offices of a stockbroker in town (office very hard to find - above the Alliance & Leicester - very small signs!) followed by orchestra. Then 2 meetings on Friday, one with a thoroughly pleasant IFA and then another stockbrokers in the afternoon. This week I spent Tuesday evening with a group of my work meeting a group of accountants from the town and Wednesday out for lunch with another IFA. I'm getting my hours in!!

It's really strange - I'm so used to being the "junior" person at one of these BD meetings I've never really developed a knack for the kind of small talk/business talk you need to be able to make when you go to one...and be able to start up conversations with complete strangers! Slowly getting there - but the point of this is, having always been a junior member of the team, it somehow felt wrong that at the Wednesday lunch I was the senior colleague! I kept looking round for backup from one of the partners!! Still, I know it all takes time and the more I do the better I'll get - well.. that's the theory anyway!

Still, although my general conversation isn't great, my conversation stoppers are absolutely marvellous! Take Tuesday evening - there we are all sat in the restaurant, people at my end of the table (two men from my firm older than me and 2 ladies from the accountants, a little older than me but much more trendy) have been happily chatting about their pinups - Debbie Harry, Simon le Bon etc. Then someone asked me. Now you wouldn't think this would be too terrible, but I've never particularly been one for pinups or idols, even as a child. No posters on my wall, or cravings to go to concerts. So I panic. I could lie, but a) this doesn't really occur to me until too late and b) I get worried that someone will ask me a followup question about that person that I can't answer and my lie will be revealed - embarassment all round.

Okay, so first thing that comes into my head - Scott Bakula. Had a BIG thing for him in Quantum Leap (and he's still pretty cute). So I say him. Have to explain who he is. Still not much comprehension. So, and this is the really, really clever bit - the only other thing I can think of he has been in recently is Enterprise. Star Trek. Yep. Conversation dead as a dodo.

I really need help.

(on the plus side, I did see a good menu in the pub afterwards - one meal being served was brocilli and cheese bake. Yum - sounds almost bacterial)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Return to work blues

Actually, despite the cold which L has kindly managed to pass on to me, first day back wasn't all that bad. Lots to catch up on but no hidden nasties which is a bit of a relief - I always have this fear that something will have gone crazy wrong. But if it has, it didn't surface today!

The only slightly annoying thing was a judgment of the Special Commissioners in which the Inland Revenue won an argument about some will tax planning schemes. This was reported (sensationally and badly) in the press last weekend and I had several clients on the phone worried that this would affect them. In the most part it does not - but the press reporting makes it sound as though every single one of these arrangements is now totally worthless. Which they aren't. Bah to the press.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Perfect day

Heard it on the radio last weekend and we spent a happy few minutes trying to remember who sang each bit - this may help (and apologies for the blatant BBC plug...)

The Invisible Woman

I think I am slowly disappearing- had my hair cut and gave blood yesterday...either that r there's some kind of black magic going on somewhere!

Had a good day yesterday - finally managed to finish off cleaning and sorting out the house which has been on my mind (I'm a strange sort really) and then time for a bit of Warioware on the Wii. I've also been cajoled into starting the next Phoenix Wright game on the DS. I've got through the first game which was basically a reminder of how to play and have started the next main story - the big black space behind the screen has aroused my suspicions!!

Off t sort out more little jobs today - get my car serviced and through the car wash and then back to the tip and B&Q to get rid of the last of the spare room rubbish. Managed to get rid of a lot of things though Freecycle - some of those people must just be sitting at their computers waiting for stuff to come in - had some freakishly fast responses!

Oh, and we must also welcome our Swedish houseguests Mikael and Billy all the way from the province of Ikea!! And they eve managed to get constructed without us killing each other...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Holiday spring clean

A whole week off work - wonderful. Decided to stay at home and catch up with a few bits and sorting out the computer room, which is long overdue. Had a long session at Ikea yesterday choosing furniture which now needs to be assembled and the room put back together! Well, that's most of today sorted.

Tomorrow there's a haircut and blood donors, followed by a play (Travels with my Aunt) on Thursday and a meal at Midsummer House on Friday. And in between that, hopefully some cross stitching and Diagnosis Murder time.....

Eva Longoria

Blimey. Who'd have thought it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunny days

What a lovely day again - beautiful outside and we'll hopefully be off for a bit of caching this afternoon. This morning it's a bit of catch up stuff - L's busy outside gate building and blister acquiring, and I've given the bannister a second coat of paint and cleaned the oven. And the shower curtain's in the wash - oh domestic bliss!!

Not been too bad a week at work - L's been a bit down, but I think it's just general frustration with work and the old "being told one thing by one person and something else by someone else" syndrome. It's month and year end at my work so I have been obsessed by billing for the entire week - my supervisor mentions it in every email and the intranet keeps being updated with the departments who've now met their annual target. Ho hum. I think it's a bit of an uphill struggle for our department again this year, not helped by the fact that the staff in our bit keep changing!! Oh well, still got a day and a half left but I'm pleased with what I've done. Just have to wait and see how the firm's performed.... Bonus in sight?? Sadly I think not!

As Easter fast approaches we've been warned to keep the fridge free for defrosting over the holiday weekend - sadly it beat us to it - this email arrived Friday morning :

> The upstairs kitchen fridge has got bored waiting for the weekend and decided to defrost itself all over the floor. So please take care and remember to take out anything you have left in the fridge before going home or it will be a sorry mess by Monday (a bit like me!)
> thanks

Looks as though the gate frame's just been finished though so we'll be off to B&Q soon!! Happy days.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Expanse of pants

Over the years it has become abundantly clear that normal trousers do not sit well on my body shape. I have a large hips, bum, saddlebags area, but a proportionately slim waist. This usually results in either trousers fine at the waist, too tight on hips, or too loose at waist, fine on hips. I have a feeling that I may have described this unnatural state of affairs before...

Anyway, low riding trousers seem to be the key - no waist problems because they're designed to sit on the hips, and I can then just get the size that fits my thighs. Woo-hoo. I've been wearing my lovely new birthday low trousers today - only problem being I made completely the wrong pant decision to go with them. High waisted pants do not go well with hipsters - I have at least a 3 inch expanse of pants showing above the top of the back of my trousers. And they're not sexy pants either. Think Bridget Jones.

Fortunately didn't need to do too much bending down today and my top is quite long so it remained mostly hidden - but it gave L a good laugh in the kitchen when I showed him!

The Doctor

I think you all know who I mean. Been watching the trailers ready for Saturday. I cannot wait.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wiggly Wigglers

L's invested in a wormery from Wiggly Wigglers - I think his post says it all. was quite funny though watching him in his dressing gown this morning shouting at the misbehaving worms and trying to flick them back into the soil with a spatula....

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ear, ear

Had a bit of a blocked ear since I had a cold a few weeks ago. Was starting to get a little concerned because it didn't resolve itself and Oatex had no effect whatsoever...but on a visit to the doctors it was confirmed as just being hard wax. Nice. And the solution? Not Oatex, which is apparently not very good and can irritate your ear (oh yes) - olive oil. Good old find in the kitchen olive oil. This was news to me, but apparently all my friends knew this already. I'm so behind in home doctoring!


After having managed without digital or Sky for ages, we now have access to some digital channels through a BT Vision box we now have. This is great and means that I can watch the Crystal Maze again (!), but also means we get a lot of the home shopping channels - pretty dire but usually good for a laugh. Last night sat watching a bit of QVC while I waited for L to finish cleaning his teeth. He came through with the toothbrush. They were selling some really awful ladies' jewellery which was funny in itself although slightly uncomfortable watching the woman modelling the jewellery stroking it.. But it was the names of the people phoning in for it that got me - we had a Winefryde last night, and the one which precipitated a toothpaste spray and basically dribble on everything was ... Bedelia. What??!!

Then flicked over to another to see Vevette extolling the virtues of Gem Magic. What??!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I've had a really good weekend. Got up early yesterday to go into town - L to have eyes tested and me to try and find a photo frame for Mum. Had a coffee in Cafe Nero and found a window ledge full of books - and lots of them BookCrossing books. This is something one of our friends bought us a kit for but we've not really grabbed hold of it yet. So I took a Point Horror book crossing book and then investigated the website further at home. Have set up 2 books for travelling - one of which is already now on its way.

In the afternoon we tried out hand at Geocaching - got the new GPS handset out and went for a wander round the River Gipping (saw a man proudly showing off the fish he had just caught - that's us with the cache at the top of the page) and through some poor farmer's field in Westerfield (dodging the two adults playing with a petrol powered radio controlled car). Great walks, both of them with the added bonus of discovering a little cache of ... well ... tat! I left one of my bookcrossing books at the second walk so am waiting anxiously to see who (if anyone) collects it and send it off again.

Then home for Casualty and CSI : NY.

Off to Acle today for a belated 60th birthday lunch with Mum and Chris - nice restaurant, but a bit too heavy handed with the gravy if you know what I mean! Back home now for a good bit of cross stitching and a cup of tea.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I have rediscovered the Crystal Maze

All thanks to our lovely digibox thingy - showing on Ftn at 7pm every evening!!! Watched it yesterday while I was doing the ironing - it's still got it!


Left the house for orchestra this evening with my slippers on. Fortunately noticed before I got in the car.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Hanging around

Something slightly odd happened this morning - as we were leaving for work, turned to look at the front of the house as L was locking up and there was a hanging basket there on th hook. This is not our hanging basket. We did not hang it. It was not there yesterday. Strange and ever so slightly creepy.

Anyway good day at work, got loads done because I didn't have too many client appointments - my secretary's away on hols this week so am trying to keep myself up to date which is no mean feat. Went out for a walk to Tesco at lunchtime and was listening to my iPod on the way (other MP3 players are available...) - had to make a real effort not to start bobbing and singing along to S Club - oh the tragedy of it all! But got to thinking how some songs, as well as reminding you of a particular time in your life also evoke a really strong picture of a specific time when you heard it. "Linger" by the Cranberries always reminds me of hearing it on the radio coming back from a hockey match when I was about 17 as the sun was setting. I can really see myself sat in the back of the car even now. "Nightswimming" and "Losing my Religion" by REM just take me back to bombing around Yorkshire with Methsoc on our Easter retreat in my first year at uni. And anything from the Medusa album (Annie Lennox) just puts me back in my room in my second year revising for exams. And that's not to forget Dick Dauntless' song and hornpipe from Ruddigore which will always put me back doing exercises behind the tight white trousers..... and possibly most bizzarely there's "Rocka my soul in the bosom of Abraham" which conjures up the rather graphic actions by one of our Sunday school lads on the way to Shell weekend in Ipswich - where are you now Brian Jeffs??!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rainy Day

I can hardly believe it's been 3 weeks or so since I last blogged - time is running, nay sprinting away from me at the moment.

Went to a murder mystery party at the weekend - Dallas theme. Whoa there cowboy! spent 4 hours wandering round town on Saturday trying to cobble something together - Leigh looked fab in his cowboy get up. I was going for something more particularly 80's than cowgirl, and think I got there, but sadly was completely outglammed by most of the other ladies there!! I think I just have to accept that this must be my fancy dress lot in life!

Still on the bright side we're slowly building up lots of stuff for a dressing up box for our eventual children - something I think both I and L craved as a child. Certainly growing up watching Let's Pretend only fuelled that desire further......

Thursday, February 15, 2007


...make Jordans multi-grain porridge with just water - tastes a bit like soggy cardboard, or better still never buy Jordans multi-grain porridge (stick to Scots).

Oh, and while we're there, never think you can wait an hour long journey to do a wee when you've already been holding it in for the last half hour of the course you're attending (I did make it home - just...)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Another fab weekend! Spent most of Saturday at home sorting out the house and cleaning and then went off to Nottingham for a meal out with all my friends in the evening. Great times - and a special mention to the staff at Punchinellos who made the whole "feeding 16 people at the same time without waiting hours between courses," seem like a quite easy task!

Yesterday saw the arrival of the new sofa - big and high but totally lovely. I had a day out in Kent with two colleagues giving a presentation on personal injury trusts, and then headed out for a church meeting in the evening which had taken place yesterday. Whooops.


Cold tea incident. Key elements - cold tea, slight trip up, white blouse. I don't think I need to go on.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Strange day

It's been a bit weird all in all. Found out this morning I'd won a STEP prize because I scored the highest mark in the Accounts paper I took in November which is brilliant! But then dealing with one of my clients who has had an eviction notice served on him for Tuesday because he hasn't been paying off the ex-wife. Had a meeting in Bury, then went to Thetford for a spell and ended up in Norwich to see a client at the end of the day. And I've had a hideous headache and sore throat all day, which Neurofen and paracetomol don't seem to be able to touch. So have been eating strepsils like they're going out of fashion - yummy honey and lemon.

I'm hoping the cold won't develop - I think i feel better than this morning, at least my skin seems to have lost that kind of hypersensitivity it seems to acquire during illness. Still feeling grotty though so giving orchestra a miss tonight to rest up for my business breakfast tomorrow. Bacon and eggs here I come!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday surprises

It's about 3 in the afternoon and I've got the day off work to entertain the carpet fitters. The middle room, stairs and landing were all successfully sorted this morning and now they're fitting the front room. It's so lovely and soft and bouncy - which I'm sure has plenty to do with the v expensive underlay which we've also got!! Smalls good too, but leaves a lot of mess. Also, as you might expect, all the furniture from the front room is crammed into the middle room, and most of the middle room's contents have been distributed about the rest of the house so it's going to be a fun evening putting everything back together...but worth it.

So I'm taking the opportunity to catch up on my emails and blogging, and to read some others that have been sadly neglected for too long. Have had a wonderful second weekend of birthday treats, and a meal out with my friends in Nottingham beckons for nest weekend so there's still that to look forward to.

My birthday was actually on Saturday - finally reaching that dreaded threshold of 30. I don't feel too depressed about it - hopefully that's a sign that I'm accepting of my moving on in life and not denial (BTW watched the Fraiser episode "Denial" this morning - hilarious!)! Several of my birthday cards welcomed me to the 30s club - but in my heart I'll always be 25!

Weekend started early on Friday with a personal shopper appointment at Debenhams. Spent a happy couple of hours with Caroline trying on numerous articles of clothing, loving most, rejecting some and being able to share my trouser problem with someone else! No, this isn't some kind of nasty rash, but that fact that my waist appears to be a size 12, whereas hips and bum are squarely in the size 14 camp. Which usually means that my trouser choices are 1) far too big round the waist but comfy on the hips, or 2), nicely fitting at the waist but far too tight on the hips (as in very VPL). But somehow a low riding pair of trousers she found solved the problem and look great! Was also looking for boots, but that's another of my bug bears with clothing and sadly no success. A bit of a long shot really as it appears to no longer be boot season! Then if that were not enough I also went to M&S for some new undies - lovely - although L had to ferret down the back of my trousers to check the size of the pants I had on!!

Then quick lunch at Cafe Nero and off to the hairdressers for a cut and colour in the afternoon. Brilliant. Home for the evening, a dvd-fest and Ugly Betty. Not to mention the 3-course spectacular served up by L - the best bit? Homemade baked Alaska. What a feat!

Saturday saw a bundle of cards and presents, muchly appreciated. Then off to London for shopping and a show. Only we were staying at the Covent Garden hotel. Very posh (as evidenced by the Concierge racing to take our bags as we entered, and the drawing room complete with log fire and honesty bar!) and very expensive, but oh so lovely. Gorgeous room, wonderful food in the restaurant and bathrobes!!! Not to forget the hour long all-over body massage L had arranged...or in fact that he had brought my Murder She Wrote dvds along so we could enjoy (although that's perhaps a little strong for L's view of it!!) an episode with a cup of tea and a digestive biscuit - although sadly due to some unfortunate event, no tea and coffee making facilities in the bedroom - perhaps another indicator of high class???? And a fantastic breakfast - there was a huge choice for the continental breakfast, and I think L almost regretted having the full English! There was a lovely yoghurty granola plummy mix and I nearly went back for seconds (after the bagel, muffin, fruit...)

The show in the evening was Wicked - quite literally! The two principals were being played by the standby actresses, who clearly had all their family and friends in! It was a brilliant show - great music, set, costumes, and storyline...really made you look at the witches in a different way. We avoided the merchandise stalls with great skill but got caught in the melee at Leicester Square tube station. Fortunately we were arriving there, not trying to leave - there was a lot of crowd control going on!!

After a leisurely start on Sunday we trekked forth to the Science Museum which was packed (well certain areas anyway... notably not the history of agriculture exhibit!) with hoards of children, screaming and otherwise. Spent an hour and a half in the Game On exhibit, bemoaned the fact that their Spy Skills exhibit wouldn't be operational until 10th Feb and vowed to come back then, particularly as half the space exhibit was under wraps as well. But a good day and with mucho aching feet returned to Ipswich on the half 6 train, only to have the fun of clearing the middle room of furniture before being released to bed.

And it was all a surprise - L, thank you and I love you.

And now back to reality - well, that was a good idea - the men have just finished! Out comes the vac...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Wii Boxing

Beat Leigh at this last night - will probably be the first and only time, so hurrah! Hurt my arms though...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Skating on thin ice

It's my birthday next weekend, but somehow I've managed to get 3 weekends of stuff organised - brilliant. This weekend was the family one - went to see my sister and her fiancee in Norwich on Saturday. I wanted to go ice skating because they've just opened a new permanent rink there - the first one in Norfolk! I love ice skating - am really crap, but can stay upright for long enough to pretend I can manage it! It was pretty good, although the rink was a bit smaller that we'd been expecting - L managed to get round without holding on the the sides by the end of the session, but sadly Becks had a vice-like grip on the edge for basically the entire time we were there (it was because her boots were too big... oh yeah...)

Then went out for a lovely meal with them and Mum and Chris at Loch Fyne, which included a bottle of champers care of L. Delicious. Went back to the house and drank too much rum and coke, but fortunately sobered up enough to see Dad and Chrissie today. Whew! Back home now and even had time to squeeze in a bit of Scrubs and Jessica this afternoon.

Ironing still to do, but who cares!! This week sees the removal of the old sofa in preparation for new carpets on the 29th and new sofa on 6th Feb. Ace.

Foolish girl

It's been a while since this happened, but L thought it was worth blogging. Took a can of coke with us in the car to the supermarket last week to drink on the way. I opened the can and then tried to wedge it between my legs whilst I put my seatbelt on. Sadly the can was not quite as well fixed as I thought, and as I turned back from grabbing the belt, saw the can slowly tilt over and spill coke all over my skirt. Which then dripped down the side of my leg and to the back of my bum where I was sitting. It was everywhere - and I still went to the supermarket in my coke-covered knickers. My sister tried to suggest today that I should have removed the offending article of clothing and go to the shop like that. What?! My whole shopping would have been tainted by that experience. No way.

As you may expect, mucho mocking from L.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Decorating times

Had a bit of a decorating frenzy over the weekend. Ages ago, a big hole "appeared" in Leigh's end of the sofa so we started looking for a new one. Saw one in Debenhams which we loved but sadly due our usual faffing/titting about, the sale had ended by the time we actually got round to being brave enough to order it. Brilliantly though it was in the Christmas sale...even cheaper! So ordered that in the new year. I thought it would be a good chance to recarpet downstairs before the new sofa arrives - easier to move furniture etc. Okay, but if we're going to do downstairs, may as well do the stairs and landing as well. And if we're going to do those, need to paint the landing first (which has been covered in fresh new plaster waiting for paint for a good few months now).

So weekend devoted to painting and ripping up old carpet, which was quite fun, but now our bin is full of old carpet and they're not coming for that bin for another fortnight!!!! Still can't seem to get photos into my blog so can't show you the end result yet but have a look on Flickr...

Also went and ordered lovely carpet which will be here in a couple of weeks - hurrah! Was surprisingly easy even after the half hour wait for an assistant and toing and froing between 3 colours!! Sadly however made a bit of a fool of myself - offered to pay for the carpet on my credit card and amidst joking with the sales lady about not knowing my credit limit on the card, it was refused! Then I remembered that it expired at the end of December - my new card is sitting at home waiting for me to put it in my purse. Whooops.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fingers crossed...

...the washing machine appears to be fixed!! Hurrah! appears to have been a cracked clip which broke with the water pressure on the first wash. Clip has been replaced and wash on for about 20 minutes now with no water apparent under the machine.

Took today off work anyway to use up my last bit of holiday from last year - just updating my iPod and then time for a bit of Diagnosis Murder. Brilliant.