Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunny days

What a lovely day again - beautiful outside and we'll hopefully be off for a bit of caching this afternoon. This morning it's a bit of catch up stuff - L's busy outside gate building and blister acquiring, and I've given the bannister a second coat of paint and cleaned the oven. And the shower curtain's in the wash - oh domestic bliss!!

Not been too bad a week at work - L's been a bit down, but I think it's just general frustration with work and the old "being told one thing by one person and something else by someone else" syndrome. It's month and year end at my work so I have been obsessed by billing for the entire week - my supervisor mentions it in every email and the intranet keeps being updated with the departments who've now met their annual target. Ho hum. I think it's a bit of an uphill struggle for our department again this year, not helped by the fact that the staff in our bit keep changing!! Oh well, still got a day and a half left but I'm pleased with what I've done. Just have to wait and see how the firm's performed.... Bonus in sight?? Sadly I think not!

As Easter fast approaches we've been warned to keep the fridge free for defrosting over the holiday weekend - sadly it beat us to it - this email arrived Friday morning :

> The upstairs kitchen fridge has got bored waiting for the weekend and decided to defrost itself all over the floor. So please take care and remember to take out anything you have left in the fridge before going home or it will be a sorry mess by Monday (a bit like me!)
> thanks

Looks as though the gate frame's just been finished though so we'll be off to B&Q soon!! Happy days.

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