Thursday, March 29, 2007

Expanse of pants

Over the years it has become abundantly clear that normal trousers do not sit well on my body shape. I have a large hips, bum, saddlebags area, but a proportionately slim waist. This usually results in either trousers fine at the waist, too tight on hips, or too loose at waist, fine on hips. I have a feeling that I may have described this unnatural state of affairs before...

Anyway, low riding trousers seem to be the key - no waist problems because they're designed to sit on the hips, and I can then just get the size that fits my thighs. Woo-hoo. I've been wearing my lovely new birthday low trousers today - only problem being I made completely the wrong pant decision to go with them. High waisted pants do not go well with hipsters - I have at least a 3 inch expanse of pants showing above the top of the back of my trousers. And they're not sexy pants either. Think Bridget Jones.

Fortunately didn't need to do too much bending down today and my top is quite long so it remained mostly hidden - but it gave L a good laugh in the kitchen when I showed him!

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