Monday, March 05, 2007

Hanging around

Something slightly odd happened this morning - as we were leaving for work, turned to look at the front of the house as L was locking up and there was a hanging basket there on th hook. This is not our hanging basket. We did not hang it. It was not there yesterday. Strange and ever so slightly creepy.

Anyway good day at work, got loads done because I didn't have too many client appointments - my secretary's away on hols this week so am trying to keep myself up to date which is no mean feat. Went out for a walk to Tesco at lunchtime and was listening to my iPod on the way (other MP3 players are available...) - had to make a real effort not to start bobbing and singing along to S Club - oh the tragedy of it all! But got to thinking how some songs, as well as reminding you of a particular time in your life also evoke a really strong picture of a specific time when you heard it. "Linger" by the Cranberries always reminds me of hearing it on the radio coming back from a hockey match when I was about 17 as the sun was setting. I can really see myself sat in the back of the car even now. "Nightswimming" and "Losing my Religion" by REM just take me back to bombing around Yorkshire with Methsoc on our Easter retreat in my first year at uni. And anything from the Medusa album (Annie Lennox) just puts me back in my room in my second year revising for exams. And that's not to forget Dick Dauntless' song and hornpipe from Ruddigore which will always put me back doing exercises behind the tight white trousers..... and possibly most bizzarely there's "Rocka my soul in the bosom of Abraham" which conjures up the rather graphic actions by one of our Sunday school lads on the way to Shell weekend in Ipswich - where are you now Brian Jeffs??!!

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