Friday, March 23, 2007


After having managed without digital or Sky for ages, we now have access to some digital channels through a BT Vision box we now have. This is great and means that I can watch the Crystal Maze again (!), but also means we get a lot of the home shopping channels - pretty dire but usually good for a laugh. Last night sat watching a bit of QVC while I waited for L to finish cleaning his teeth. He came through with the toothbrush. They were selling some really awful ladies' jewellery which was funny in itself although slightly uncomfortable watching the woman modelling the jewellery stroking it.. But it was the names of the people phoning in for it that got me - we had a Winefryde last night, and the one which precipitated a toothpaste spray and basically dribble on everything was ... Bedelia. What??!!

Then flicked over to another to see Vevette extolling the virtues of Gem Magic. What??!!

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