Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Coke and pineapple juice

I went out for lunch this week with a local accountant who has been sending work our firm's way and it was a kind of thank you to him. I discovered at the lunch 2 things - firstly he has no large intestine (surprisingly noone asked any further questions!) and secondly his drink of choice is coke with pineapple juice. Yes.

Apparently he used to belong to a caving club, which was more a drinking club and the members tended to look down on those not drinking. One member developed a drink which looked enough like a mild bitter to not attract attention from the drinkers - grapefruit juice in coke. My colleague did not like grapefruit juice and replaced it with pineapple. It does look surprisingly like beer - not sure whether I'm brave enough to try it though. Surely there's curdling????