Saturday, June 16, 2007


Oh heck has it really been that long since I last blogged??? Well a lot has happened since then, most of which you can catch up on on L's blog ('him indoors).

The reason I'm blogging now is to record a strange coincidence which occurred on Thursday. One of my clients has died and her daughter came in to start off the probate process. Her mother is being buried in a plot in Nottingham, but because the burial deed was in the deceased's name, there is no one to authorise the re-opening of the plot (her late husband's already there)
so the whole thing is being transferred to the daughter's name (I've not come across this before - strange Nottingham thing?). This has created various documents on which I need to witness the daughter's signature. She provided me with the business card of the funeral director (because I had to ring them for a bit of help with the form...) and lo and behold, the funeral directors are none other than the office below the flat where L and Richard lived for a year when I was doing the LPC!!! How odd!