Thursday, February 01, 2007

Strange day

It's been a bit weird all in all. Found out this morning I'd won a STEP prize because I scored the highest mark in the Accounts paper I took in November which is brilliant! But then dealing with one of my clients who has had an eviction notice served on him for Tuesday because he hasn't been paying off the ex-wife. Had a meeting in Bury, then went to Thetford for a spell and ended up in Norwich to see a client at the end of the day. And I've had a hideous headache and sore throat all day, which Neurofen and paracetomol don't seem to be able to touch. So have been eating strepsils like they're going out of fashion - yummy honey and lemon.

I'm hoping the cold won't develop - I think i feel better than this morning, at least my skin seems to have lost that kind of hypersensitivity it seems to acquire during illness. Still feeling grotty though so giving orchestra a miss tonight to rest up for my business breakfast tomorrow. Bacon and eggs here I come!

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