Sunday, May 13, 2007

Flying the Flag

Not the clearest of pictures, I must apologise, but a representation of our views of the songs last night at Eurovision!!! Note the UK flag at the top - we all thought Scooch were brilliant - but it was not to be...

The party was great though - went up to Nottingham to see our friends there for the do. The host had kindly split Europe into 4 geographical regions for the various couples to support, but a rather too enthusiastic elimination of western European entrants in the cunning semi-final meant that the host's region only ended up with 3 songs! We had 7 which wasn't too bad, and our themed contribution was from Germany - Holten Pils, Reisling and home-made black forest gateau. A triumph in the taste department - but don't talk to me about grated chocolate and how you can get it on to the side of a cake ... Greece was one of ours, which we thought was a good song - other favourites were the Ukraine and Sweden - although emphatically not Serbia (bah).

Chris had also kindly prepared rather dubious fact sheets for each country - some facts true, some facts blatant puns and others just ...well... rather strange. Take Turkey for example :

3. The Turkish National Football Stadium is lit by 4 floodlights; Light A, Light B, Light C and the famous Turkish D Light.

4. Turkey is often criticised for their oppression of the Kurds. They also oppress jam, marmalade, chutney and preserves of all kinds.


There were also special awards for Scariest Lead Singer (think that went to Finland in the end), Most Sexually Offensive Dance Move (the Ukraine for that one groin thrust at the end of the song) and Least Clothes on by end of set (Sweden for the removal of the jacket - but disappointingly for all party goers, a lot less stripping on stage than in previous years!).

All was going well until the voting - but we're all off to Malta on hols next year!!!

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