Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas has arrived1

It's definitely here - have now been to 2 pantos, eaten 3 or 4 mince pies and been to a carol service. Hurrah. Had to laugh at the carol service - someone clearly hadn't proof read the carol words (and sadly some mistakes had carried forward from last year!) - the best line being "from our ears and sins release us..." (fears...)

And the weather's finally turned nippy which seems to be an excuse for jack-knifed lorries on the road - my usual half hour journey to work this morning took a record hour and a half.

But on the bright side I found a plum in my handbag at the weekend - no doubt left over from some work lunch I'd taken in, but have no idea how long it's been there. It's certainly been weeks since we had plums in the house! Tasted all right though.

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