Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Is it wrong to miss church coffee mornings?

By that I don't mean is it wrong to not go to them! Had a day off today and went to Yarmo to see Mum. Marvelled at all the work she's been doing in Chris' garden (which now looks less barren bramble-filled wasteland and more cleared scrubland) and admired the new sink and toilet upstairs (very handy). We then went off to Newtown for a coffee morning to raise funds for a child they sponsor through World Vision. Visits to Newtown always make me very nostalgic - it was a huge part of my life until I went to uni - and this morning was reminded of the cameraderie on coffee mornings. Everyone pitches in - setting out furniture, pouring tea or generally just standing around catching up on all the gossip! I found myself engaged in washing up, wiping down tables and sweeping the floor by the end of the morning! Also found one of my aunties and Jane's mum there for a chat. And only 2 people thought I was my sister - it's getting better.

The church looks great at the moment though - they've got some new banners up and are also having a Christmas tree festival, so the church is full of decorations at the moment! Becks' school concert is at the church on Friday so they're also preparing for the onslaught of 200 children!!! It will be cosy in there!

On way home, realised that my mobile phone clock and car clock are 5 minutes different. Rang the speaking clock - phone is 3 minutes slow, car is 2 minutes fast...

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