Monday, May 03, 2010

Calke Abbey

Well, we made it. Up (that bit not a problem with Leo rising at half 5 and Zachary at 7 - oh the halsyon days of lie-ins), dressed, picnic made and out of the house by 10. Back to the house at 2 minutes past 10 to collect forgotten directions! Out again in newly started rain with Leo crying all the way there...

Calke Abbey was great and there was a craft show there as well which we went to in lieu of going round the gardens or house. Bonus. The day was a weird mix of lovely sunny spells interspersed with freezing rain and wind, including hailstones! So we ate cold ice cream, enjoyed hot cinnamon nuts and spent an hour picnicing in the car. It was great. Zachary got ice cream absolutely everywhere but we had lots of chance to practice our smug faces at the people who seemed to be sneering at our eating in the car, when it was pouring with rain and we were warm and happy.

Another bout of crying from Leo as we left, but by the time we got home, both boys were asleep and Leigh and I had a happy hour of doing relaxing when we got home before either of them woke up.

We decided to give weaning a go this evening and Leo had his first taste of baby rice! All seemed to be going well until bedtime - Leo is still up, having now pooed twice since dinner and vomited a bit too. Not settling at all... Was it the baby rice? Was it the defrosted milk? Going to leave things for another couple of weeks and use fresh milk next time just in case!

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