Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smoked Salmon buns

Not very successful, although the picture doesn't look too bad - but you can see much (little!) they rose! I was looking through a recipe book for an entirely different recipe when I came across this one. We're off to a party tomorrow for which all the guests were asked to bring nibbles, so I planned originally to have a go at cheese straws. Neither I nor Leigh could think which of our many books actually had cheese straws in them so I started with the Cook's Kitchen Handbook as I thought they were fairly popular? No luck, although on looking at a couple of things which I thought might be cheese straw like I saw the recipe for the buns and thought it looked interesting.

Hmm...first issue was size of bun cases - the recipe uses the description "small bun cases" so I thought this meant the size that is between muffin cases and mini muffin cases. The size I would usually call 'buns.' That can't be right though - the recipe suggests you can get 25 out of the mix, and I managed 15. A tight 15 probably not filling the cases properly. Well, they didn't rise and tasted very strange indeed so I'm not sure that the case size was the only problem! Should have stuck with cheese straws!

On an exciting food front, we're having guests over on Tuesday who are bringing dinner with them (we're providing dessert) - nettle soup and dandelion pancakes. Sounds yum!

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