Thursday, May 13, 2010

Historic times

The new government has been formed and it's a formal coalition between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative party, something that many people thought would never happen. The Liberals have 5 seats on the Cabinet, including their leader Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister and they appear to have made agreements on many of their policies (see here for some more). The biggie is political reform = the Conservatives promised a referendum for the country on this and I should think that will come along pretty sharpish! The other surprise was their agreement that there will not be another general election for 4/5 years, as again we speculated that there would be another within the year to consolidate the Conservative position, but perhaps they feel they don't need it now and that the coalition will stand strongly.

And that certainly was the feel of the press conference given by the 2 party leaders. It actually feels as though we could be heading for exciting times - perhaps this election is just what the country needed, with the views of 2 parties forming policy rather than just a single view. Ooo.

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