Thursday, May 01, 2008


Two sorts of jabs today - first L caught me with his 'pinch, punch, first of the month' routine (bah!) and it's time for Z's first set of immunisations. How quickly those eight weeks have gone!

We've decided to let him have all the jabs which are offered by the NHS - after all to our minds, the consequences of him catching one of the illnesses could be horrendous, and making sure he's vaccinated is worth the risk of side-effects. (bogging April showers! I've just put some washing on the line, and here comes the rain and hail!!) The eight-week jabs are the 5-in-1 (covering diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, Hib [an infection which can lead to other big nasties] and polio) and PCV (one of the commonest causes of meningitis among others).

It's not great seeing someone else cause your baby pain, but Z was a little star. High-pitched squeal for the first one and then some tears, but we were able to soothe him in the waiting room afterwards and he's now merrily chomping away on me! We've prepared ourselves for grumpiness and the Calpol and thermometer are on standby in case of fever.

We then took him to do his civic duty and vote in the local elections...wonder who he plumped for...

Talking about tears, have started to notice real tears from Z now when he cries. There's something about tears that makes his crying seem all the more heartbreaking, even though he's crying for exactly the same reasons!

Visit to Yarmo went well yesterday and Z was much admired and cuddled! Met a woman who now lives in the house I grew up in! How strange. And we are now into day 4 of our reintroduction of the sleep routine. It's not going too badly - managing to get him in bed and settled (with a feed) by eight, and he's then actually sleeping quite a while. Last night was the best so far - fed at half sevenish, just before midnight, fourish and then was awake about half seven again, so only two feeds during the night! After the injections though, tonight could go one of two ways...

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