Friday, May 23, 2008

Early riser

Well, it's 7.20am, Z is up and so am I! This is the earliest I've been up (as in out of bed, not awake) in weeks. He seems to have been having a bit of a problem with wind the last few nights, causing him to grunt and squirm more than normal. It's woken him up a few times and I was hoping he'd go back to sleep after the feed he had at 7, but sadly Z has decided that he's awake and wants some entertaining!

His nights have also been a bit odd recently. We had got to the stage where he would feed at 7 on going to bed and then not wake again until midnight (or even on a couple of occasions, about 2) which was great. However the last few nights he's been waking at half tenish, and then again frequently throughout the night. This coincides with his move to th new cot, so whether it's that and he's not yet used to the cot, or it's a wind thing, or we were just fortunate those other nights...who knows!

Had a good day yesterday - managed to express a whole 4fl oz, so will be having a go again today. L fed z at bedtime with the expressed milk and he took the bottle with no problems, and then went back to the breast for the night feeds. So this is looking good. Need to get a store ready in the freezer for days when it might be needed.

I also think Z is starting to consciously use his arms and hands a bit. We've got a few toys set up so they dangle above his chest and I'm sure that yesterday he was occasionally using his arm to bat the ladybird around. He'll lie there for ages really concentrating on it and then use his arm to move it. It's not happened much yet so am keeping an eye open to see whether it is what I think or he's just still moving his arm randomly.

So that's it from the home front for today - need to sort out the wind...get more sleep!

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