Thursday, May 01, 2008

Screaming baby a go-go

The jabs finally took hold this afternoon, and left Z with a hot, red, clearly painful leg. Lots of screaming! Cold compress and boob were quickly applied, but didn't mnge to completely soothe the savage beast. Enter the Calpol (mmm...strawberry - wonder if Z will now reject the normal milk!), and that really seemed to help, so much so that I managed to get him off to sleep for an hour or so. One dead arm later, the redness has gone for now, but he has been left with a little bruise. We'll have to see how things go when the Calpol wears off - anyone know how long the effects last?

On another matter, L has finally nagged me into joining one of Board Game Geek's online Werewolf games. It's a team game played over a few days and essentially every player is either a werewolf (bad) or a villager (good). There are a couple of special roles as well. There are more villagers than werewolves - the werewolves know who the other wolves are, but the villagers don't know who anyone else is. Each day, all players vote to lynch someone - the villagers hope it is a wolf! Every night the wolves kill a villager. Very basically, wolves win if they end up with the same number of villagers as them - villagers win if they kill all the wolves. L's playing in the same game - roles to be assigned Monday at the latest...oo-er!

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