Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bank Holiday

So far having a great weekend. Friends from Nottingham have come down to visit - they're staying at the family home of one of them near us, and spent the day with us yesterday. Walked into town for some treats from I-Scream (although sadly one of the freezers had died so more limited choice of ice-creams than usual) and Mr Brown's sweet shop (the best sweet shop in the world!) and then a walk through Christchurch Park on the way home. The park was gorgeous yesterday and absolutely full to bursting with families and visitors. We stopped off for a rest and some food (well for Zachary anyway - real al fresco dining!) and here's a photo of the boy having some tummy time!


Burping Z after a feed has become more hazardous of late as he grows stronger. The usual pattern is for him to burp, and then any milk being brought up appears a few seconds later. At the moment, however perfectly positioned Z may be over the muslin on your shoulder for the burping part, he has a knack of turning his head or raising his head and body suddenly just before the milk appears! Resulting in milk all over the back of the sofa, down my cleavage, down legs and even missing my back completely and hitting the floor....needs a rethink!

Spent the evening discussing almost everything and ended up on the old favourite of children's cartoons..but this time, the Wii came out and we tried finding all the opening credits on You Tube. Pretty successful - Telebots was the only one we couldn't find, and you can tell that the makers invested heavily in the opening theme songs - demonstrated rather scarily by us being able to remember most of the words to Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, Defenders of the Earth, Danger Mouse...and the list goes on!

A couple of my favourites were


Although I can't remember if this is the Mighty Mouse I liked. I know there was a later series which I hated but can't remember which this one was! I couldn't find anything earlier on You Tube which had the same kind of look, so this may well be it.

We also watched the Ghostbusters cartoon - which prompted recollections from one of the group about 'the best crisps ever made' and how he ate 50 packs in one evening (election night 1992)...he no longer eats crisps.

Southwold today - glorious weather! Stopped for a picnic by the cannons and Z showed us how clever he is by sitting on one for some pictures (shame you can see the behind the scenes crew in the background really!).


Had a wander along the beach and the pier and I had my first Mr Whippy ice cream since I found out I was pregnant - oh the bliss! Home now and just time for some tea and catching up on the Werewolves (I have been particularly slack in my postings...) before Z goes to bed. Hopefully.

And because I just can't resist...


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