Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eurovision Spectactula!

It's that time of year quickly it rolls round. Although it seems longer than a year ago that we were sat in our friends' house watching the 'camp as a row of tents' entry from Scooch!

The boy is in bed and asleep (thank you classical music on the mobile), the washing is in from outside and we both have an alcoholic drink to hand to help us through the next few hours...not sure if we'll make it to the end but should manage to the end of the entries.

This will be a bit of a real time entry as we watch the songs and I hope it won't be too long...

Am really enjoying the postcards which are introducing each of the songs and create the flags from each country. Clever. Okay here we go -

Romania - bit of a shock when the woman joined in - did not like her voice! And the chap was typically husky and gruff. Nice jeans.

UK - first time I've heard this all the way through and actually I don't think it's too bad. Andy Abrahams looks like he's having a good time anyway. Not sure it will do very well (it's near the start of the programme, and of course the UK appears to be the least popular country in Europe!) but hopefully better than the last few years' efforts.

Albania - Tits. Can't remember anything about this one...too busy typing the intro to this blog!

Germany - girls in purple. Hmmm...again not sure about the voice of the lead singer. Very shouty.

Armenia - clever flipping dancers, but having a hard time deciding whether the white showing at the top of the trousers is belt or underpants.

Bosnia & Herzegovina
- the 'four knitting brides of Frankenstein.' Good grief. Why has that man got underwear on his head? I'm not listening to the song, just marvelling at the wondrous make-up and the chap singing flat. L's just got the words up on screen...hmmm, it's not making it any better and I still have no idea why they're knitting!

Israel - Pretty good. Lots of biceps.

Finland - Oooooo! Fireworks. Heavy metal. Lots of spiky things. Is that Justin Hawkins in black spandex?

Croatia - Old man in white. Blimey she can get her leg up high! I can see a row of bottles in the background - what are they for? Oh dear, the man in white appears to be having some kind of shout at the audience. Here go the bottles - now, I'm not entirely certain but I don't think she's actually playing them...oh no, now they've got the old man mixing the decks..Oh yes, and didn't really like the song either!

Poland - OMG. Terry's introduced this with a comment about the woman's teeth. He's not wrong. Just realised this blog entry will make absolutely no sense to anyone who hasn't watched it...oh well. Not bad song, but again too shouty on the top notes!!

Iceland - Techno.

Turkey - Tasty looking flag there. Something about the look of the lead singer doesn't seem to quite go with the style of the song. Surely there should be some kind of heavy eye make up a la Green Day??!! But they're having fun.

Off to the green room...oh crap. Those presenters are far too bouncy. This is one night where I wish I could dare drink more than one beer.

Portugal - Scary singer. Big earrings. Not really sparking my interest so checking the 5-day forecast to see if I can wear my new skirt tomorrow. Poo - BBC says rain Sunday and Monday.

Latvia - Oooooo. Piratey. Shiny. This is what we need - a bit of camp and an action song! Props and everything. But there's something surely going wrong with the backing singers? Oh and there's the classic key change when you've run out of other ideas. Please don't win. (I think the beer's gone to my head - I'm getting much more unforgiving)

Sweden - Hang on, the singer appears to be in black and white. And there she is in colour. Special spotlight? Hmmmm must be something like that. Now some strobing lasers. Classy. Still prefer Israel.

Denmark - Don't really like his singing, but like the song. Chirpy. Reminds me somehow of Right Said Fred - Deeply Dippy I think. That acoustic guitar verse and then full on chorus. Nice cap.

Georgia - Men on revolving stones. More leather. It's Karen from Will and Grace!!! Nice bit of magic changing into white there!

Ukraine - She's very orange! Men stuck in boxes. Nice stage theatrics. Quite like the song too. Handling the top, belting notes well.

France - Golf cart and beach ball. Female backing singers in beards like his. Oh dear. We're despairing here. Sounds a bit like Elvis Costello? Yeah,not keen.

Azerbaijan - Screeching angels. Help me. There are instruments of torture on stage too. Heaven and hell? Sadly the heaven side looks just as evil as the other!! I think it's the white contact lenses. Axl Rose is in the house. Go away please - it's making my head hurt!!

Greece - (best kiss competition??) Hey! You've got to love the way Greece always manages to crowbar a bit of the traditional music in there (Zorba music as Terry likes to call it) - and quite a lot of thrusting. L's joke - she's got a glittery pole to sit on - no, they were song 10. Yes. Now what is the backing they've just magically produced. Her dress has changed too! Blimey, I look away for 2 seconds to type something and everything changes!

Spain - Baila el chiki chiki - you can't go wrong with a name like that can you?? Oh yes you can. Spain trying a bit of Bhangra. Bad glasses and a comedy dancer. Boos from the audience! First time I've heard that.

It's okay - nearly there. Only 3 to go.

Serbia - Not bad. Sounds as though it's a bit worthy.

Russia - L has a good question - why is he lying on his back? The violinist looks a bit mad too. Now there's an ice skater zipping round them - looks mad too. I'm not sure that the combo of bare feet (singer) and ice skates can't end well.. perhaps it's a ploy to gain sympathy...oh and there goes the shirt. Not necessary.

Norway - Funky.

So my shortlist is...Israel, Denmark, Ukraine, Norway. Off to watch CSI now and then come back for the voting!

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