Sunday, May 25, 2008

What have I achieved today?

Absolutely nothing!

* Had breakfast of bacon and pancakes (yummy!)
* Didn't go into town because of the rain
* Tried to have another gameathon but only managed a game of Alhambra (which I lost dismally) and a game of Scripts and Scribes (which L won - it was the decider from yesterday's one-all)
* Watched too much TV! (Waking the Dead from last week, Da Kath and Kim Code - hilarious - and the pilot episode of The Riches, which was great)
* Caught up with a week's worth of ironing
* Had a difficult day with Z who hasn't seemed like himself - quite restless this afternoon, but we think he was either too hot or just feeling a bit off colour. Lots of sicking up (most of it landing on the floor...) and a heady mix of him seeming to not want to be handled too much, but then crying when he was put down. Poor lad. He's in bed now and I'm about to go and check on him, hoping that the mobile has worked its magic again.

I'm also looking for some swim classes that I can take Z too. I want him to be happy and comfortable in the water and It's something else that I can do with him in the week. One of my friends who lives near Fleet, found classes that would take them from 4 months, although the main pool in Ipswich seems to start at 6 months. Found this website though - it sounds really good, so I've emailed them to see if they'll take us for the summer term sessions which start in June. It sounds hopeful - the website seems to be saying the sooner the better!

Only thing which slightly concerns me is how I manage him and me in the changing room! Perhaps I take a mat? Perhaps they have special tables or areas for changing baby? I'll wait and see.

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