Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mystery solved!

It's all right - you can rest easy in your beds tonight. The source of the nasty smell in our kitchen has been identified, and the offending bin has been bleached and washed (thank you L). Phew! What a relief that must be to you all.

In other news, Z has been asleep all morning, and I'm about to run the gauntlet of trying to get him in the car seat to go to Mothercare - yesterday's attempt had to be abandoned due to a crying/screaming fit. I've also been packing up boxes of DVDs - we're trying to empty the house of some of our excess stuff so that it's more presentable if - no, when - viewers come knocking (none so far)... L's mum and dad have offered us storage space at the shop for a few months (to save us renting a room) and are coming tomorrow to 1) see Z, 2) help sort out the garden, 3) take boxes back, and 4) help clear the alley of old mattresses. I think there were 4 at the last count? Joined yesterday by old hamster cage plus accoutrements (council will not clear because it's private land...)

Finally, I'm practising my multi-tasking skills by typing this one-handed while feeding the boy. Yay!

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