Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mobile devices

It's official - the carry cot for the pushchair and the moses basket have now been retired - Z is just too darn tall for them! We tried him out in the main pushchair at the weekend and he seemed to get on great with it. He is still a little small and can't really see over the top of the cosy toes cover when he's lying down, but had a great time looking round IKEA when it wasn't on the chair.

Trip to IKEA was to buy a new cot for him. We've bought a 'main' cot which we're intending to put him in when he's about 6 months old and leaves our room, but that cot's a bit big and wide to move into our bedroom, where space beside the bed is at a premium. One of L's work colleagues had suggested IKEA and we found just what we were looking for - £30! Brilliant. Bought another mattress, although it turns out that the internal dimensions of the cot are the same as the one we already have so we're able to use the posh Mothercare mattress in it. The cot fits snugly beside the bed and as we didn't have to use the main cot, we still have a changing table at waist height (table slots onto top of cot).

To go with the whole new arrangement we also bought a lovely new mobile for Z. It's a bit bigger and more razzle dazzle than we were intending to buy, but the one we wanted wasn't in stock. The arms move up and down as well as round and round to the music and there's a choice of 3 tunes. L set it up yesterday and we put Z in the cot for a try out - to say he was transfixed by the mobile is an understatement! I've never seen him so amused. It's almost as though he's been patiently waiting out the last 10 weeks waiting for it!!! Hopefully this also means that he'll be more likely to drop off to sleep by himself now as he has something to look at and be amused by. At the moment, it's taking a last feed to get him to drop off on his own, but fingers crossed we may be able to faze that out.

Spurred on by the success of the mobile, I've fitted one of the overhead arches to Z's playmat now and attached some of the toys - he's lying there now having a good grin and chat to himself (and I can also hear a good deal of bottom noises!) and seems really entertained. Fab.

Haven't tried the expressing yet - tomorrow beckons I feel.

Waiting for the estate agent to come and take some new photos of our recently cleared house for the particulars. Had a good weekend sorting and clearing - although L's dad was getting a bit carried away and taking about painting ceilings and clearing the loft...fortunately we persuaded him out of that for the time being as there was too much else to do!

Going for a walk this afternoon and am then going to attempt some hand and foot prints for the grandparents and also for Z's baby book. I feel this may prove to be too much for just the one pair of hands but will give it a go! The hands will be interesting as Z is still holding his in fists for much of the time, but should be able to manage the feet anyway.

And I've had my second successful sale on Ebay. Last minute buyer got it for the reserve price, and am waiting for payment. Have put another couple of items on there now which came to light from under our bed. Need more to sell....

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