Thursday, May 08, 2008


L has pointed out Z's head pulse which you can see through his scalp where the soft spot is! It freaks me out but I can't stop looking at it!!!

Z's bedtime was a bit of a palava tonight. We've been quite successful over the last week and a half at getting him into bed by around 8ish (depending on dinner and things like that) - this evening a bit later, but somehow with far more messing about! Started at half 6 with changing nappy and putting Z into sleep suit, then give bedtime feed, get nearly to end of feed when I hear several loud and quite triumphant to be honest, pumps and poos. I think I should now change him, pick him up to discover that the last of the poos (hopefully) was so explosive that it has squirted up his back out of the nappy. So off to change him along with L to help me try and manoeuvre the sleep suit over his head (sadly an over the head suit and not one which just fastens at the front...) without getting the mess everywhere. I pick up all clean Z to wash off his back (note, he does not have a nappy on at this moment as it would cover the area I need to wash...can you guess what's going to happen??) and feel a strange warmness creep up my stomach. On removal of the baby, there is a large wee-smelling patch smothering my top! Then I try to put a new nappy and vest on my son standing as far away as I can reach so that his kicking feet don't get in the wee and so that I don't get it all over the change table either! Sadly by now, the sleepiness induced by the feed has all but been forgotten by the boy who wants to start again....left him after a while but knew I was chancing my luck really and have had to go up for a top-up feed. All done now and fingers crossed this time he's really asleep!

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