Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Okay, have managed to wind Z and he's now on his mat quite happily looking at and listening to the rain stick. We had a good night last night - successfully got him up to bed at about 7 and he stayed there! Brilliant. Now to see if we can make it two nights...

Off to another of my work offices today to see some friends and then ? this afternoon. Went to the mother and baby group yesterday and made a real hash of cleaning some cheesy sick off Z's face (in that I smeared it all over his face...) but otherwise had a lovely time again. Off to Yarmouth tomorrow for one of Mum's coffee mornings, Dad's coming on Thursday and then a day off (!) on Friday. No wonder the days are going so quickly!

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thermalsatsuma said...

I was literally eating a bite of my sandwich when I read your reference to 'cheesy sick' ... yuck! :-)