Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dining Al Fresco

Zachary and I have today had our first "al fresco" meal since he was born. I went into town this morning for some bits and pieces and to take advantage of the lovely weather (mucho chango [oh dear, that looks somehow wrong] since Sunday's snow - snow???!). Got to Cafe Nero for my weekly coffee treat and the boy started crying. Just before he started, he had been licking and trying to suck the inside of his coat hood, so I knew what was going on!

I had only just bought my goodies and knew we would not get home with him like this, so settled into my (fortunately) corner seat and fed him there and then. All went very well - no massive spillages from either my boob or Z's mouth, and no funny looks or glances from the other patrons. I feel much more confident about this now.

However as I was trying to eat my blueberry muffin at the same time, it reminded me that I should not be allowed to eat while I'm feeding Z. This time he only suffered from a few muffin crumbs, but in the past there have been dubious incidents with chocolate, and more embarassingly last Friday I dropped a piece of sweet and sour pineapple on his nose! Poor chap looked really confused by this.

Still, if you think that's bad, his father pumped the other night and then wafted Z's head in the stench so that he could 'share the joy.'

Hmmmmm, not really sure who thought we would make good parents!!!

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