Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Posts after posts!

Sorry for the splurge of posts today - had a few things to catch up on. So what else has been happening?

Monday - put offer in on the house we like in Long Eaton; complained to the estate agent about yesterday's debacle and was told the chap had gone to the wrong house - his appointment was on another road nearby!; my cousin's wife (cousin-in-law??) came to visit and Z was a bit of a pain! Sicked up on her and then spent a lot of the visit crying - wind. She brought us another load of baby clothes she had when her son was little, and a rain stick and soft book. The rain stick is great - seems to be Z's favourite noise-maker now (apart from buzzy bee of course). Went to the mothers and babies group in the afternoon. *Got just about ready to leave when Z wanted to be fed again. Then needed burping, which also involved a fairly hefty sickup on my shoulder and his front. Sadly I had neglected that well-worn adage - don't wear dark coloured tops when burping your child - and had to change.* But once we got there Z was amazing! A little crying to start with which seemed to resolve itself when he sicked up on the playmat there...but after that he was awake, alert and happy to play for the entire hour we were there. He didn't even complain (well, not much) when we did feet prints. Will definitely go again, but I need to brush up on my children's rhymes and songs!

Tuesday - Town in the morning. See ** above. Repeat. Weather was beautiful so walked back home through the park. I wanted Z to be awake to see the branches and trees and hear the birds but of course he slept through the whole thing - apart from complaining loudly in Caffee Nero forcing me to leave for home! Offer on the house was accepted - yay! However, as we don't yet have an offer on our house, it's conditional, which means the vendors can still take viewings and of course they might then accept someone's else's offer if it's unconditional. Will need to wait it out and hope your house goes now. Spent the afternoon playing with Z - it's lovely how much more awake and alert he is - you can see him starting to look round a lot more investigating the room and responding to sounds.

Wednesday - 6-week check with the GP this morning then I went into work to show Z off. ** again, but fortunately it didn't show up on my top and was a smaller amount so I was dirty and didn't change! I did change my son though. He now has a harem of admirers! Lots of cuddles but managed to stay asleep through the whole thing! Only woke up when we got home. Lovely. We've just had a bit of play time, he fed again and has now dropped off to sleep on the mat. I can now catch up with this and some housework...well maybe not the housework!

My sister's coming tomorrow (brilliant!) and I've also got some Stack & Vac bags to play with. Watch this space!

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