Tuesday, April 15, 2008

While the cat's away...

...the mice will sleep and do very little! I have a big challenge this week - L's away with work overnight tonight so it's just me and Zachary taking care of each other. Hopefully it shouldn't be too bad - I've managed to fill both days, so it will just be this evening and tonight which will be interesting! L will be back tomorrow night.

Today has been great so far, which is good because I got a bit stressed yesterday! Had my 6-week checkup at the hospital in the morning, but they were running behind so I had to wait an extra half hour before my appointment. Mum had come over to look after Z while I was gone to help L, but I was a bit anxious because Z had been grumbling before I left. Phoned L just before I went in to be told Z had cried for 20 minutes, L had managed to calm him somewhat, then Mum had taken him for a walk. So I was quite anxious getting back, (although all was fine) not to mention my boobs were telling me in no uncertain terms (ie leaking!) that it was time for Z's next feed!

Lunched in town at M&S because I'd heard their baby facilities were pretty good and wanted to check them out. There was a changing mat in the ladies' (and I assume in the men's as well??), and then a whole separate room with another change table, a sink and some chairs for feeding. All nice and clean and smelling good too. Great. On the way back from town I called in at the "Nought 'til they Walk" group which ran until 3. Looked pretty good but I was too late yesterday so am going back next week. As I left the group, the heavens opened! Rain and hail! Got extremely wet coming home (although had a brolly which helped to take some of the worst off the pushchair) and had to almost completely strip off when I got back! Z had started crying, I'd got a headache as well and L stood there just exclaiming how wet everything was! I know! But we both got it all sorted out and calm.

Today much better - one of my friends from work came over with her little girl and we had coffee and a chat. Then had lunch and went for a walk this afternoon. Z has been asleep for much of the day today so far, so have really had it easy so far...waiting for the nighttime! Tomorrow am hoping to go into town to buy L a new jumper (to replace the item I shrank in the tumble dryer! My mistake - forgot to check the tumble dryer setting on the machine was switched off before I put the load on to wash...) and then Z has his 6-week check up in the afternoon.

And if this were not busy enough - L has the day off on Thursday...all right that's not busy in itself but it is to recover from today and tomorrow and to prepare for dun dun duhhhhhh - the trip to Nottingham on Friday. Longest trip so far with the boy which will be interesting but hopefully manageable. Aim is to view 5 houses over the Friday and Saturday to see if any of the ones which look good on the internet live up to their promise!

Blimey. Watch this space!

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