Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a personal disaster

So, let me set the scene - we're sitting at home about 2 o'clock, relaxing after the last couple of days. Just had lunch and the dirty plates are in front of us. I've got Z attached having a feed, and there are papers all over the table, and baby detritus everywhere. There is a knock at the front door - someone come to view the house! Yes, he had made an appointment with the agent to view; sadly noone seemed to have told us about this! No messages on the home phone yesterday, (well, apart from the 3 from Nottingham estate agents reminding us of our various appointments...yes reminders to our number in Ipswich about an hour before we were due for the Nottingham...hmmmm) and none on either mobile. Bah. Will be having words on Monday.

So all very embarassing, both for the viewer and for us - particularly when I turn to say something to him and L and realise I've still got a boob out, and that Z may not quite be saving my modesty...

And not knowing whether someone else might drop in unannounced (noone answering the phone at the agents' to check) we've now had an impromptu mass sort out. We will need to be on our guard.

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