Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Only 919 to go!

I've read 82 definitely - there are 2 I haven't included in this number as I couldn't remember if I had actually read them or not...feel fairly sure I have, but that's probably a damning indictment of how interesting I found them! I have also inclued one I listened to on audio book (so that may be cheating a bit as I haven't actually 'read' it. I've got 4 in my 'to read' pile of books, and 1 (Don Quixote) I'm struggling through at the same time as trying to read other things! Really glad to see an Agatha in the list (The Murder of Roger Ackroyd). I've also read abridgements of a few others and seen adaptations of another good number, but have yet to read the original and full versions.

If I average 18 books a year I can get the rest read before I die. Bonus.

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