Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lessons I've learned...

...from Wii Mariokarts. This has now arrived at home complete with steering wheel and we've been having a great time racing each other and players round the world. It's a bit strange thinking that there are lots of other people sat down playing the game at the same time as us...and they're lots better than me! L is pretty good and has played through all the race circuits. I've still got a few to go...but already have learned some very important lessons :

1. You still have to steer when you're invulnerable.

2. Don't EVER play Rainbow Road. It's a *** (insert rude word of your choice) nightmare!

3. Players have ridiculous pseudonyms - for example Big Sexy, and Angelilou (apologies if this your actual name). Although I must admit that those two have been singled out for my vitriol because both of them rammed into me and forced me off the track last night! And perhaps I shouldn't be too harsh when my own Mii name is still Pregatron (thanks, L). Pot. Kettle. Black methinks.

4. L kept choosing Peach as a character to ride on a motorbike and then complained about lack of control. Secretly I know he keeps picking this combination because Peach is in leathers. Tight leathers. When confronted with this, he claimed it was a lie but then excitedly told me that in Smash Bros (I think) you can apparently see up her skirt at some points and she is wearing frilly knickers. Is it too late for me to worry??

5. The ONLY good way of steering is to use the nunchuck/Wiimote combo. Seriously, I am completely rubbish with the other easier (apparently) options. And contrary to popular opinion (all right, contrary to some quite fervent ranting from L last night) it is in fact necessary and vital to have the joystick part pushed forwards ALL the time! It helps me. Honest.

That's it for now. Pretty valuable life lessons there I think!

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