Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Babies do not feed at regular intervals

(or when you want them to!) This is now my mantra! The only thing I've been a bit worried about with Z is the frequency with which he seems to feed at the moment. The last few days it seems as though he's been wanting to feed every hour, and despite reassurances from everywhere I look on the internet and the health visitors (babies are all individuals; he'll have a growth spurt at 6 weeks-ish and want to feed a lot more; with breastfed babies you can just throw away the clock; babies take weeks, even months to settle into a routine...etc), you do get little demons whispering in your ear - am I overfeeding him? is he being satisfied with my milk? It's a big thing when you're providing the only food he has.

L has been great though - very supportive and keeps reminding me that we just go with what Z wants at the moment and it will settle down. And to be fair, it's not as though he feeds every hour for the full 24 - particularly when he's sleeping. Yesterday he had a four hour sleep in the evening and this morning he went 3 and a half hours (again while asleep!) between feeds. At night he's also pretty good and for the last few nights has gone for 3 hours after the "going to bed" feed, and then woken at intervals of about 2 hours after that. So really I think we're doing okay and I'm feeling better about it now.

Strangely enough though, although I worry about him feeding too much, after a couple of days of that, if he goes for much longer between feeds I then start worrying that something's wrong because he's not feeding as much. I know. There's no pleasing me!

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