Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's round up

Was just about to start blogging when there came a knock at the door - a deaf Polish girl trying to sell me a drawing. I didn't buy one. Ho hum, only another half hour to fill to Diagnosis Murder. L's been finding things for me to do - this morning I dismantled the old office chair (as BT have sent him a new exciting one - all mod cons and bells and whistles) and counted out the components of his newly arrived game Hero Quest. Only one piece missing as expected (it's a second hand game).

Have also been to Mothercare this morning and bought what will hopefully be the final part of our armoury (at least until we know what sex the baby is and how big it is) - a baby bath! All now washed and clean. We also got sidetracked at the baby clothes again and bought another sleepsuit - the excuse being that it is another one without feet so can be used at the hospital...

This afternoon I'm planning to sort out some kind of labour timetable chart (?) so that L has a ready reckoner of when he needs to be taking me into hospital. The midwives keep saying don't come in too early, but I guess that once things start, it might be difficult to stay at home, because we will just want to know what's going on in there! Last ante-natal Parent Craft class tonight as well.

Tomorrow's looking exciting - man from British Gas is coming to change the electricity meter (as the old one is now at the end of its life), and health visitor also due for an ante-natal check. I have no idea what to expect from that - the title "health visitor" still seems to conjure up negative associations, although my cousin's wife reckons that they're completely different now and she got on really well with hers.

That's it for now - time for a quick Hanjie methinks. Okay, that sounds more dirty than it actually is...

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