Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Organ Donation

Saw this entry and information on one of my friend's blogs and I think it's so important it's worth repeating here. Have been a blood donor now for a good few years - ever since me and another girl were dragged down to the Blood Donation centre in Nottingham by another friend at uni...who then couldn't give blood herself because her iron levels were too low!

Obviously can't give blood at the moment because of the bump (and for 9 months after birth)...so L has a chance of catching me up as otherwise I'm way ahead of him for donations!!

But I've always been happy with the idea of donating my organs, should anything happen to me and have had several conversations with L about it. It suppose you could say it's a bit morbid to think about, but I'm sure that dealing with death and Wills at work on a daily basis has made me more aware of the issues and that the earlier you sort them out and the clearer you are with your wishes, the easier it can be for families dealing with horrible decisions at a horrible time.

Here's the link if you're not strongly anti... Thanks Niles.

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