Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Monday...

another ante-natal check up. All seems to be in order - blood pressure, weight and baby's heartbeat all fine. Baby lying with back to my left side and head well down so in a good position. As I have no ongoing health issues, no appointment needed next week and scarily the next one the midwife booked me in for is on 10th March. My due date is 8th March. I could be with baby by the time it comes round! That is a scary thought indeed, but also quite exciting! Other than that pregnancy wise things have been quiet - the ice cravings have waned (although whether that's just the psychological impact of knowing that I am taking iron supplements combined with the effect of the article I read...who's to say?) but the Braxton Hicks contractions have been working up a storm in my tummy. No sign of the real thing yet. I need to get to the weekend for two reasons anyway - do not want baby's birthday to be 29th Feb (apologies to anyone out there whose birthday is leap day and they love it!) and L's mum's in Lanzarote until Thursday.

Basket of spring flowers arrived unexpectedly from my mother this morning ...


...and she is apparently sending on some more carrycot sheets she has been fashioning from other bigger sheets. Also, she's finally had broadband set up and now has email! This has taken some years to accomplish.

Today has also seen the cleaning of the bathroom, making of another batch of yummy yoghurt and am now settling down to watch Ballet Shoes which we recorded at Christmas. Richard Griffiths is so huge. Saw him in The History Boys last week (also recorded from Christmas)...just as huge.

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