Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fishy ambition

Felt completely sapped of energy yesterday - didn't really do much other than sit on the sofa, finish my Doctor Who book, and watch crap on TV! Went out to post some letters in the afternoon, but that was it for venturing out - and spent all day in jogging bottoms...lovely and comfy.

Today much better - got out into town and sat for a while in Starbucks enjoying a cup of tea and a cake! Wrapped the Valentine's day presents and made sure that we're booked up for lunch tomorrow and that the Mother's Day flowers I thought I had ordered yesterday were in fact ordered! Watched the end of "Shall We Dance" this afternoon (lovely, lovely) and have just made brownies. Unfortunately it appears that of the 3 recipes I have for brownies, I've used the wrong one, so they may in fact be vile. Oh well.

So that's been my exciting day - except to say that I spent a happy hour this morning looking at the Wikipedia entries for some of my favourite TV programmes - Quantum Leap, The Crystal Maze, Knightmare... and following a link for Hugo Myatt (Treguard to the uninitiated) turned up an interesting fact... he apparently has a burning ambition (note that, not just any old ambition, but a burning one!) to one day play Captain Haddock, whom he resembles. Yes.

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