Sunday, February 10, 2008

Long time, no see

It has really been an age since I last blogged and so much has happened - particularly pregnancy-wise. Last time I blogged, L and I knew, but we had decided to wait until the all important 12-week scan (confirming that it was in fact a baby inside and not just trapped wind...) before letting everyone know. It was really difficult keeping it quiet - especially from family, but we felt happier knowing that we had at least got to 12 weeks, up until when, miscarriages can still be quite usual as there is little the medics can do to prevent them. What also made it particularly hard was that during that first 12 week slot, we had various family "dos" (my sister's wedding...L's 30th birthday party...L's aunt's 50th birthday party...) at which nothing could be said and we had to come up with various sneaky plans and reasonings as to why I wasn't drinking at any of them!!!

But 12 weeks safely came and went and the first scan showed no problems. Told everyone, then the next big stage was the 20-week scan. By this time we had spent a couple of weeks in Florida (!) and I was getting worried that I wasn't big enough and hadn't felt (or at least hadn't recognised anything I had felt) as being the baby moving around. But the scan was again absolutely fine, all measurements safely within the average brackets. It was really amazing how much could be seen on the scan - they can check length of bones, positioning and shape of the main organs and also the chambers and major blood vessels of the heart! Was really quite incredible.

And now, somehow we've made it to 36 weeks! I'm on maternity leave from work (which quite frankly couldn't come quick enough after Christmas...tiredness really starting to hit me), L has started working from home, we've had the first couple of ante-natal classes (I am still trying to work out whether the 2 hours of explaining labour has reassured or terrified me further...!), I've been to see my friend from high school who had a baby in September and feel better now I know that she is coping and still seems normal (!) and I feel absolutely huge! Definitely beached whale territory.

Physically, finding things much more difficult - I am getting out of breath incredibly quickly, which isn't helped by the fact that the little one keeps wanting to stretch its legs out just underneath my ribcage (!) and can no longer put on socks, knickers or trousers without sitting down! Getting in and out of bed...the the sofa....also proving to be a challenge on occasions, and I seem completely incapable of sitting in one position for more than about 20 minutes at a time. L is being incredibly patient (although am slightly concerned at some of the things about "mummy" he has been whispering to the bump!).

The nursery is now almost ready as well - we have most of the big things we need now (like somewhere for the baby to sleep and a car seat to get it home from the hospital!) but we've tried to hold back from buying too many clothes until we know whether it's a boy or a girl and how big it is! I have been steadily washing through everything we have so far - and we're going to try the Mothercare Smart Nappy (which has disposable and washable liners) so have been washing those as well. I think we're nearly ready?????!

Midwife appointment tomorrow and then a tour of the hospital maternity ward on Thursday in the antenatal class. And hopefully plenty of time to now catch up with some blogging!

Oh, and other than that, L has become obssessed with board games - spends a lot of time on "the Geek"! Fortunately so far he has been choosing games which I actually stand a chance of matching/beating him at. Thank you!!! See what we did last weekend...

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