Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ice cravings

Having another lazy day today - catching up with some TV on BBC's iPlayer, which is great - although I have had some problems with it stopping while it continues to download - watched Masterchef from last night (which we missed due to a tryout of L's new games San Juan and the Carcassonne Traders and Builders expansion - little pig meeples, but an abysmal performance by me as I completely ignored the farmer effect and L scored a whopping 220-odd!), and am in the middle of Being Human, which was a one-off pilot on BBC3. I'm enjoying it, although only 15 minutes in and waiting for another blockage to clear. May have to restart it and fast-forward to where I got to. This afternoon am planning to re-pack my hospital bag (since it appears that the hospital do in fact have towels which I can use and that will save some room in the first already too-full bag...) - oh the excitement!!!

Had another ante-natal class yesterday - this time on breathing and relaxation. As well as learning breathing and relaxation techniques for getting me through the contractions, we also discussed good posture and positions for me to try to get the baby in the right position (ie head down and its back on my left side) and the head to engage. Have been trying a few out this morning, but the sitting backwards over a chair is now starting to get a bit achy - not to mention the bump is pretty squashed against the chair back!

I had previously thought that I hadn't really had any cravings during the pregnancy, but am now starting to wonder if in fact ice was/is one. It's only been noticeable the last few weeks, but I now have to have ice in my drinks (sometimes having a glass of water to get to the ice...) and I rarely let it melt completely before having a crunch. Someone at work mentioned they'd had a similar craving, and I had a bit of a trawl on the internet to see if there was any particular mention of it and found this article. Interestingly, the last 2 blood tests I had showed I was slightly anaemic so perhaps there is something to it?? On Pregaday tablets now to hopefully sort out my iron levels so will wait and see if this has any affect on the ice situation.

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