Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, after the last thrilling installment, you may (or may not) be pleased to learn that the brownies did in fact turn out pretty nice (despite a lack of choc chips in them!) and even better smothered in custard! They are now all gone...


A couple of busy days just gone - cleaned the oven on Thursday and then went out for a Valentines Day lunch the The Vanilla Pod in town. Delicious - I had Welsh rarebit followed by Guiness braised beef and L had tomato and sweet pepper soup followed by sea bass. Yum, but sadly no room for pudding.

Spent most of the afternoon reading (The Shakespeare Secret and a brilliant graphic novel version of The Big Four (V Day present) - I have now ordered the rest of the series!) and then dozing and sadly drooling on the sofa....

Had another ante-natal class in the evening - much shorter this time, just a quick look round the delivery suites and the maternity ward at Ipswich hospital. There are 3 wards servicing the needs of birthing and post birth mothers and babies and we had a look round the quiet one. Strangely made me more nervous than the 2 hour step by step description of labour and birth we had last week!

Yesterday went over to see my cousin's wife in St Neots and collect some baby bits from her - including a huge bag of clothes! We shall not be wanting for vests...but a fun afternoon ahead sorting those out. Meanwhile, L's board game empire is slowly expanding with a Ticket to Ride - Switzerland expansion, Carcasonne Inns and Cathedrals expansion and a new game called Elasund arriving this week. Tackled Elasund and Ticket to ride last night - both pretty good, although all I dreamt about last night was bloody board games! We were playing Elasund in every dream I had that I can remember! L thinks this is a good sign...I'm not so sure.

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